The 1980 Formula One season was the 31st season of FIA Formula One motor racing. It featured the 1980 World Championship of Drivers and the 1980 International Cup for F1 Constructors which were contested concurrently from January 13 to October 5 over a fourteen race series.

After the season got off to a bad start (the first 3 races were nearly boycotted; the first 2 due to safety concerns with both the Buenos Aires and Interlagos circuits and the third because of a dispute between FISA and FOCA), the Drivers’ Championship was won by Australian Alan Jones in a Williams and Williams took the Constructors award, the first of many Formula One titles for the English team.

The season was marred however by a number of accidents; Clay Regazzoni after a huge accident ended unfortunately in wheel chair at Long Beach and never raced in Formula One again, Frenchman Patrick Depailler lost his life on August 1 while testing for Alfa Romeo at Hockenheim and Jean-Pierre Jabouille broke both legs after a head-on crash at Montreal and was out for the remainder of the season, to name a few.

Alan Jones won the championship, the incredibly talented young Nelson Piquet was second in the overall standings, followed by Carlos Reutemann, third.

Grand Prix Date Winning Driver Team Laps Time
Argentina 13/01/1980 Alan Jones Williams-Ford 53 1:43’24.38
Brazil 27/01/1980 Rene Arnoux Renault 40 1:40’01.33
South Africa 01/03/1980 Rene Arnoux Renault 78 1:36’52.54
USA West 30/03/1980 Nelson Piquet Brabham-Ford 80 1:50’18.550
Belgium 04/05/1980 Didier Pironi Ligier-Ford 72 1:38’46.51
Monaco 18/05/1980 Carlos Reutemann Williams-Ford 76 1:55’34.365
France 29/06/1980 Alan Jones Williams-Ford 54 1:32’43.42
Great Britain 13/07/1980 Alan Jones Williams-Ford 76 1:34’49.228
Germany 10/08/1980 Jacques Laffite Ligier-Ford 45 1:22’59.73
Austria 17/08/1980 Jean Pierre Jabouille Renault 54 1:26’15.73
Netherlands 31/08/1980 Nelson Piquet Brabham-Ford 72 1:38’13.83
Italy 14/09/1980 Nelson Piquet Brabham-Ford 60 1:38’07.52
Canada 28/09/1980 Alan Jones Williams-Ford 70 1:46’45.53
USA East 05/10/1980 Alan Jones Williams-Ford 59 1:34’36.05

Final Drivers Standing

1              Alan Jones          67 (71)
2              Nelson Piquet   54
3              Carlos Reutemann           42 (49)
4              Jacques Laffite  34
5              Didier Pironi       32
6              René Arnoux     29
7              Elio de Angelis   13
8              Jean-Pierre Jabouille      9
9              Riccardo Patrese              7
10           Keke Rosberg    6

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