Formula One Legends: World Championship 1987

The 1987 Formula One season started on April 12th and ended on November 15th after 16 races. To bring back the focus on naturally aspirated engines, two trophies were created specifically for the best driver and constructor of the year without turbo charged engine: The Jim Clark Trophy and the Colin Chapman Trophy.

Restriction in the capability of the turbo engine to perform, with mandatory pop-off valves, which restricted boost to 4.0 bar, didn’t stop turbo engines to out-perform 1985 results, and the three top teams: Ferrari, Williams and McLaren augmented the gap from the aspirated engines, thanks to terrific improvements in term of aerodynamics and tyres.The season revealed to be a battle in between the two Williams driver, Mansell and Piquet, who together won 9 of the 16 races which composed the championship.

Behind them the battle was among the Lotus 99T and the McLaren MP4/3 driven by the reigning world champion Alain Prost. Good signals from Ferrari at the end of the season, with Gerhard Berger, Austrian, who won the last two races of the season, in Japan and Australia.

The previously mentioned Jim Clark Trophy, for the best driver with aspirated engine went to Jonathan Palmer on Tyrrell and the same Tyrrell, with the DG016, didn’t have to struggle too much to achieve the Colin Chapman Trophy, being the only constructor with both cars no-turbo engined.

Grand Prix Date Winning Driver Team Laps Time
Brazil 12/04/1987 Alain Prost McLaren-TAG 61 1:39’45.141
San Marino 03/05/1987 Nigel Mansell Williams-Honda 59 1:31’24.076
Belgium 17/05/1987 Alain Prost McLaren-TAG 43 1:27’03.217
Monaco 31/05/1987 Ayrton Senna Lotus-Honda 78 1:57’54.085
United States 21/06/1987 Ayrton Senna Lotus-Honda 63 1:50’16.358
France 05/07/1987 Nigel Mansell Williams-Honda 80 1;37’03.839
Great Britain 12/07/1987 Nigel Mansell Williams-Honda 65 1:19’11.780
Germany 26/07/1987 Nelson Piquet Williams-Honda 44 1:21’25.091
Hungary 09/08/1987 Nelson Piquet Williams-Honda 76 1:59’26.793
Austria 16/08/1987 Nigel Mansell Williams-Honda 52 1:18’44.898
Italy 06/09/1987 Nelson Piquet Williams-Honda 50 1:14’47.707
Portugal 20/09/1987 Alain Prost McLaren-TAG 70 1:37’03.906
Spain 27/09/1987 Nigel Mansell Williams-Honda 72 1:49’12.692
Mexico 18/10/1987 Nigel Mansell Williams-Honda 63 1:26’24.207
Japan 01/11/1987 Gerhard Berger Ferrari 51 1:32’58.072
Australia 15/11/1987 Gerhard Berger Ferrari 82 1:52’56.144
Championship Final Standing  – Drivers
Pos. Driver Points
1 Nelson Piquet 73 (76)
2 Nigel Mansell 61
3 Ayrton Senna 57
4 Alain Prost 46
5 Gerhard Berger 36
6 Stefan Johansson 30
7 Michele Alboreto 17
8 Thierry Boutsen 16
9 Teo Fabi 12
10 Eddie Cheever 8
Championship Final Standing  – Constructors


Pos         Constructor        Pts

1              Williams-Honda                137

2              McLaren-TAG    76

3              Lotus-Honda      64

4              Ferrari   53

5              Benetton-Ford  28

6              Tyrrell-Ford        11

7              Arrows-Megatron           11

8              Brabham-BMW 10

9              Lola-Ford             3

10           Zakspeed            2


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