Formula One Legends: World Championship 1985

Commenced on April 7th of 1985 and concluded on November 3rd , the 36th season of Formula One championship was composed of sixteen races.

Alain Prost, with his well performing McLaren-TAG team, was determined to win the title, after two consecutive seasons ended as runner-up, but Niki Lauda, in his last season wanted to conclude his career at the top.

But Alain didn’t have to challenge only his team mate, since at Ferrari they were ready to battle hard, and the Italian driver Michele Alboreto will well show during the course of the championship what he was talking about.And Lotus, with the second year driver Ayrton Senna, who replaced Mansell who moved instead to Williams team, next to the competitive Keke Rosberg. The cars were powered by a 1.5 litre turbocharged, which meant the end of the 3.0 liters Ford Cosworth: the 1.5 turbocharged offered an impressive amount of brake-horse power, reachin almost 1.150 bhp: the new challenge was becoming then the fuel economy of those engines and revealed to be a fundamental strategy to win the races. Ayrton Senna for instance lost the Imola GP due to an empty tank of fuel at four laps to the end.

In the tracks re-shuffle, Spa-Francorchamps was finally coming back in the calendar, together with the new Australian GP with the Adelaide street circuit. Sadly for the Dutch formula one fanatics, 1985 represented the last race to be host in the country.

The season revealed to be extremely exciting, with Alboreto taking the lead of the championship, which lost at the very end. The Italian driver commenced the season very well, with victories (Canada and Germany) and several podium position.

A disappointing second half of the season saw Ferrari becoming slower and not as competitive as the challenge with McLaren would have required. Moreover in several occasions, the battles with Keke Rosberg, Nigel Mansell and the Lotus of Senna helped the constant Prost to climb the overall standing.

Prost with 4 races won, won the championship, Alboreto arrived second followed by Rosberg. At the end of the championship Alfa Romeo withdrawn from the competition as a factory effort, same for Renault who may come back though in the future.

Grand Prix Date Winning Driver Team Laps Time
Brazil 07/04/1985 Alain Prost McLaren-TAG 61 1:41’26.115
Portugal 21/04/1985 Ayrton Senna Lotus-Renault 67 2:00’28.006
San Marino 05/05/1985 Elio de Angelis Lotus-Renault 60 1:34’35.955
Monaco 19/05/1985 Alain Prost McLaren-TAG 78 1:51’58.034
Canada 16/06/1985 Michele Alboreto Ferrari 70 1:46’01.813
USA East 23/06/1985 Keke Rosberg Williams-Honda 63 1:55’39.851
France 07/07/1985 Nelson Piquet Brabham-BMW 53 1:31’46.266
Great Britain 21/07/1985 Alain Prost McLaren-TAG 65 1:18’10.436
Germany 04/08/1985 Michele Alboreto Ferrari 67 1:35’31.337
Austria 18/08/1985 Alain Prost McLaren-TAG 52 1:20’12.583
Netherlands 25/08/1985 Niki Lauda McLaren-TAG 70 1:32’29.263
Italy 08/09/1985 Alain Prost McLaren-TAG 51 1:17’59.451
Belgium 15/09/1985 Ayrton Senna Lotus-Renault 43 1:34’19.893
Europe 06/10/1985 Nigel Mansell Williams-Honda 75 1:32’58.109
South Africa 19/10/1985 Nigel Mansell Williams-Honda 75 1:28’22.866
Australia 03/11/1985 Keke Rosberg Williams-Honda 82 2:00’40.473

Championship Final Standing  – Drivers

Pos         Driver                    Points

1              Alain Prost                   73 

2              Michele Alboreto   53

3              Keke Rosberg            40

4              Ayrton Senna    38

5              Elio de Angelis   33

6              Nigel Mansell     31

7              Stefan Johansson 26

8              Nelson Piquet   21

9              Jacques Laffite 16

10           Niki Lauda           14

Championship Final Standing  – Constructors

Pos Manufacturer Pts
1 McLaren-TAG 90
2 Ferrari 82
3 Williams-Honda 71
4 Lotus-Renault 71
5 Brabham-BMW 26
6 Ligier-Renault 23
7 Renault 16
8 Arrows-BMW 14
9 Tyrrell-Ford 4
10 Tyrrell-Renault 3


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