Formula One Legends: World Championship 1984

1984 season started on March 25th and concluded on October 21st after sixteen races.

The teams went through several changes, some changed drivers and some their engines, but all were looking to beat the Brabham of Nelson Piquet.

The same Brabham, who kept the Brazilian changed the seat of the #2 car, replacing Riccardo Patrese with the brothers Fabi: Teo and Corrado. This was to allow Teo to compete in the US based Cart World Series too.

Tyrrell, the only team which was presenting itself with a naturally aspired engine for the full season had to substitute his previous drivers, Alboreto and Sullivan with the un-experienced Martin Brundle and with the young promising german Bellof.

Williams kept the same two drivers, which were leveraging the exclusive Honda V6 Turbo engine installed in their machines, tested in the last South African race of 1983.

McLaren, with the TAG-Porsche engine signed Alain Prost and Niki Lauda, an impressive couple, probably one of the strongest of all Formula One history.

Lotus, with a Renault engine, gave the seats to Elio de Angelis and Nigel Mansell, while the same Renault, as team, started the season with the former Ferrari driver Tabay and with the english Derek Warwick.

Toleman, lost Warwick to Renault, presented the Venezuelan Johnny Ceccotto, at that time still motorbike world champion in the class 350, together with the rookie Ayrton Senna, fresh of victory in the British Formula 3 championship.

Alfa Romeo lost major sponsor Marlboro and replacing the red and white was the green and red of Italian clothes manufacturer Benetton, with two fast drivers, Patrese and Eddie Cheever, but the engine was worrying the Alfa supporters, lack of reliability which will be well shown during the season.

Ferrari finally, signed an Italian driver, Michele Alboreto, who will seat alongside the french René Arnoux. Alboreto signature was particularly felt by the tifosi, who were satisfied by Enzo Ferrari choice, although went against his own rules, to don’t have italian driver driving the rossa.

Season summary

The dream team composed of Lauda-Prost dominated the season and McLaren won 12 of the 16 races which were composing the championship.

Grand Prix Date Winning Driver Team Laps Time
Brazil 25/03/1984 Alain Prost McLaren-TAG 61 1:42’34.492
South Africa 07/04/1984 Niki Lauda McLaren-TAG 75 1:29’23.430
Belgium 29/04/1984 Michele Alboreto Ferrari 70 1:36’32.048
San Marino 06/05/1984 Alain Prost McLaren-TAG 60 1:36’53.679
France 20/05/1984 Niki Lauda McLaren-TAG 79 1:31’11.951
Monaco 03/06/1984 Alain Prost McLaren-TAG 31 1:01’07.740
Canada 17/06/1984 Nelson Piquet Brabham-BMW 70 1:46’23.748
USA East 24/06/1984 Nelson Piquet Brabham-BMW 63 1:55’41.842
United States 08/07/1984 Keke Rosberg Williams-Honda 67 2:01’22.617
Great Britain 22/07/1984 Niki Lauda McLaren-TAG 71 1:29’28.532
Germany 05/08/1984 Alain Prost McLaren-TAG 44 1:24’43.210
Austria 19/08/1984 Niki Lauda McLaren-TAG 51 1:21’12.851
Netherlands 26/08/1984 Alain Prost McLaren-TAG 71 1:37’21.468
Italy 09/09/1984 Niki Lauda McLaren-TAG 51 1:20’29.065
Europe 07/10/1984 Alain Prost McLaren-TAG 67 1:35’13.284
Portugal 21/10/1984 Alain Prost McLaren-TAG 70 1:41’11.753

Lauda won the title, with 5 races won and better scoring in the other that his team mate, who won 7 races though.Ferrari arrived second in the championship constructor, brought by Alboreto. The other victories came from Nelson Piquet on Brabham, who won two races and from Keke Rosberg, on Williams-Honda, in an memorable Dallas GP in U.S.

Championship Final Standing  – Drivers

Position Driver Points
1 Niki Lauda 72
2 Alain Prost 71.5
3 Elio de Angelis 34
4 Michele Alboreto 30.5
5 Nelson Piquet 29
6 René Arnoux 27
7 Derek Warwick 23
8 Keke Rosberg 20.5
9 Ayrton Senna 13
10 Nigel Mansell 13

Championship Final Standing  – Constructors

Position Constructor Points
1 McLaren-TAG 143.5
2 Ferrari 57.5
3 Lotus-Renault 47
4 Brabham-BMW 38
5 Renault 34
6 Williams-Honda 25.5
7 Toleman-Hart 16
8 Alfa Romeo 11
9 Ligier-Renault 3

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