Formula One Legends: World Championship 1977

On January 9th 1977 started the 28th Formula One Championship, which ended after seventeen races on October 23rd

Lotus worked hard during the weekend to make sure Mario Andretti would have had a competitive car, such as the ones they have been able to build at the beginning of the JPS experience. Ferrari was relying again on Niki Laudal, who spent the winter still recovering from the horrible incident of the previous year. Renault entered the championship, with a turbocharged car, that struggled to stay with top teams.

Scheckter moved to Wolf and won the bet, achieving a victory immediately at the first race. Reutmann and Lauda immediately answered with one victory each, but the reaction of Andretti arrived almost immediately with a series of victories.

Lauda demonstrated during the course of the year to be the most constant driver, winning races and staying almost always in podium positions.

The effort and hard work awarded the Austrian of his second world championship, although Mario Andretti won more races. Mario ended 3rd in the overall standing, behind Scheckter, but in front of the other Ferrari of Reutmann. James Hunt, reigning world champion arrived instead fifth, missing the opportunity to confirm himself as top driver of the year.

1977 saw one of the darkest page of Formula One history, with the horrible incident of South Africa when Tom Pryce lost the control of the camera and violently hit the 19 y old marshall Jansen Van Vuuren, both died in front of the cameras.

Grand Prix Date Winning Driver Team Laps Time
Argentina 09/01/1977 Jody Scheckter Wolf-Ford 53 1:40’11.19
Brazil 23/01/1977 Carlos Reutemann Ferrari 40 1:45’07.72
South Africa 05/03/1977 Niki Lauda Ferrari 78 1:42’21.6
USA West 03/04/1977 Mario Andretti Lotus-Ford 80 1:51’35.470
Spain 08/05/1977 Mario Andretti Lotus-Ford 75 1:42′.52.22
Monaco 22/05/1977 Jody Scheckter Wolf-Ford 76 1:57’52.77
Belgium 05/06/1977 Gunnar Nilsson Lotus-Ford 70 1:55’05.71
Sweden 19/06/1977 Jacques Laffite Ligier-Matra 72 1:46’55.520
France 03/07/1977 Mario Andretti Lotus-Ford 80 1:39’40.13
Great Britain 16/07/1977 James Hunt McLaren-Ford 68 1:31’46.06
Germany 31/07/1977 Niki Lauda Ferrari 47 1:31’48.62
Austria 14/08/1977 Alan Jones Shadow-Ford 54 1:37’16.49
Netherlands 28/08/1977 Niki Lauda Ferrari 75 1:41’45.93
Italy 11/09/1977 Mario Andretti Lotus-Ford 52 1:27’50.30
USA East 02/10/1977 James Hunt McLaren-Ford 59 1:58’23.267
Canada 09/10/1977 Jody Scheckter Wolf-Ford 80 1:40’00.00
Japan 23/10/1977 James Hunt McLaren-Ford 73 1:31’51.68

World Championship Drivers Standing

1              Niki Lauda                72
2              Jody Scheckter         55
3              Mario Andretti         47
4              Carlos Reutemann   42
5              James Hunt               40
6              Jochen Mass              25
7              Alan Jones                 22
8              Gunnar Nilsson        20
9              Patrick Depailler      20
10           Jacques Laffite           18


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