Formula One Legends: World Championship 1973

1973 was the year of the 24th Formula One season, composed of fifteen races, which were held from January 28th to October 7th.

Lotus was sure to have the best car, and probably it was, but his drivers were often ‘’stealing points’’ each other and this went to full advantage for Jackie Stewart which on its Elf Team Tyrrel was able to win the overall title.

Lotus won the constructor but only because Tyrrell refused to race the last GP, due to the sudden death of its driver Francois Cevert.

Only Ford engined cars won races this season, which meant a dark dark year for Ferrari: Tyrrell, Lotus and McLaren appeared all in a sudden to farway for the red italian cars.

At the end of the season Stewart decided to leave, after three world championship and having printed in stones his name as a legendary driver.

Grand Prix Date Winning Driver Team Laps Time
Argentina 28/01/1973 Emerson Fittipaldi Lotus-Ford 96 1:56’18.22
Brazil 11/02/1973 Emerson Fittipaldi Lotus-Ford 40 1:43’55.6
South Africa 03/03/1973 Jackie Stewart Tyrrell-Ford 79 1:43’11.07
Spain 29/04/1973 Emerson Fittipaldi Lotus-Ford 75 1:48’18.7
Belgium 20/05/1973 Jackie Stewart Tyrrell-Ford 70 1:42’13.43
Monaco 03/06/1973 Jackie Stewart Tyrrell-Ford 78 1:57’44.3
Sweden 17/06/1973 Denny Hulme McLaren-Ford 80 1:56’46.049
France 01/07/1973 Ronnie Peterson Lotus-Ford 54 1:41’36.52
Great Britain 14/07/1973 Peter Revson McLaren-Ford 67 1:29’18.5
Netherlands 29/07/1973 Jackie Stewart Tyrrell-Ford 72 1:39’12.45
Germany 05/08/1973 Jackie Stewart Tyrrell-Ford 14 1:42’03.0
Austria 19/08/1973 Ronnie Peterson Lotus-Ford 54 1:28’48.78
Italy 09/09/1973 Ronnie Peterson Lotus-Ford 55 1:29’17.0
Canada 23/09/1973 Peter Revson McLaren-Ford 80 1:59’04.083
United States 07/10/1973 Ronnie Peterson Lotus-Ford 59 1:41’15.799

World Championship Final Results drivers

1              Jackie Stewart   71
2              Emerson Fittipaldi      55
3              Ronnie Peterson     52
4              François Cevert                     47
5              Peter Revson     38
6              Denny Hulme    26
7              Carlos Reutemann           16
8              James Hunt        14
9              Jacky Ickx            12
10           Jean-Pierre Beltoise       9


Formula 1, 1973 Grand Prix of Monaco


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