Formula One Legends: World Championship 1971

Eleven races composed the 22nd Formula One World Championship season, started on March 6th .

The Belgian GP which was supposed to be held in between the Monaco and the Dutch GP was cancelled since the belgians didn’t put in place the required safety measures.

Lotus was still recovering after Rindt death in Monza the previous year and assigned his car to the fast but still unexperienced Emerson Fittipaldi. The team tried experimenting new solutions such as gas turbine and 4WD, but without real good success.

The part of the lion for the 1971 World Championship was taken by Tyrrell, which forgot the administrative problems of the previous year and with their own chassis brought Stewart to win 6 of the 11 races which composed the championship, with a easy final title victory.

The other races went to Mario Andretti, Jacky Ickx, Jo Siffert, Peter Gethin and Francois Cevert.

Stewart won the championship with almost twice the points of the second arrived, Ronnie Peterson and almost three times the points of the third arrived, Francois Cevert.

Grand Prix Date Winning Driver Team Laps Time
South Africa 06/03/1971 Mario Andretti Ferrari 79 1:47’35.5
Spain 18/04/1971 Jackie Stewart Tyrrell-Ford 75 1:49’03.4
Monaco 23/05/1971 Jackie Stewart Tyrrell-Ford 80 1:52’21.3
Netherlands 20/06/1971 Jacky Ickx Ferrari 70 1:56’20.09
France 04/07/1971 Jackie Stewart Tyrrell-Ford 55 1:46’41.68
Great Britain 17/07/1971 Jackie Stewart Tyrrell-Ford 68 1:31’31.5
Germany 01/08/1971 Jackie Stewart Tyrrell-Ford 12 1:29’15.7
Austria 15/08/1971 Jo Siffert BRM 54 1:30.23.91
Italy 05/09/1971 Peter Gethin BRM 55 1:18’12.60
Canada 19/09/1971 Jackie Stewart Tyrrell-Ford 64 1:55’12.9
United States 03/10/1971 Francois Cevert Tyrrell-Ford 59 1:43’51.991

World Championship Final Results drivers

1              Jackie Stewart   62
2              Ronnie Peterson  33
3              François Cevert  26
4              Jacky Ickx  19
5              Jo Siffert  19
6              Emerson Fittipaldi  16
7              Clay Regazzoni 13
8              Mario Andretti 12
9              Kingdom Peter Gethin   9
10           Pedro Rodríguez  9



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