Formula One Legends: World Championship 1970

1970 season started on March 7th and ended after thirteen races on October 25th.

Not so many regulation changes this year, after the previous revolutions, but the introduction of slick tyres brought by Goodyear and especially the cancellation of the historical German GP in Nurburgring, which was substituted by a GP in Hockenheim which seemed to better comply to the regulations.

Lotus brought a real innovative car, the Lotus 72, with inboard front brakes and an overhanging rear wing: after some problems with suspensions, experienced in the very first races, the car improved also from in this sense and become a real force.

Tyrrell had some organization issue, with Matra pushing the team to adopt their engine, while Tyrrel wished to keep the Cosworth, especially since Ford was largely funding them. Tyrrel opted at the very end for a March chassis, in order to keep Cosworth engines.

Ferrari tried its best to compete at the same level of Lotus and the fast Ickx was able to bring home 3 victories and the swiss Regazzoni one.

But Lotus was undoubtely fast, so fast that is driver Rindt won the title although he actually died 4 races from the end of the championship: this will be remembered as the first and only Formula One season awarded posthumously.

Ickx went at the end close to win the title, but the new driver, the brazilian Emerson Fittipaldi beated him in his home GP, and Ickx arrived second in the overall standing, 5 points behind Rindt. Regazzoni, with the other Ferrari arrived third and Denny Hulme 4th.

Grand Prix Date Winning Driver Team Laps Time
South Africa 07/03/1970 Jack Brabham Brabham-Ford 80 1:49’34.6
Spain 19/04/1970 Jackie Stewart March-Ford 90 2:10’58.2
Monaco 10/05/1970 Jochen Rindt Lotus-Ford 80 1:54’36.6
Belgium 07/06/1970 Pedro Rodriguez BRM 28 1:38’09.9
Netherlands 21/06/1970 Jochen Rindt Lotus-Ford 80 1:50’43.41
France 05/07/1970 Jochen Rindt Lotus-Ford 38 1:55’57.00
Great Britain 18/07/1970 Jochen Rindt Lotus-Ford 80 1:57’02.0
Germany 02/08/1970 Jochen Rindt Lotus-Ford 50 1:42’00.3
Austria 16/08/1970 Jacky Ickx Ferrari 60 1:42’17.32
Italy 06/09/1970 Clay Regazzoni Ferrari 68 1:39’06.88
Canada 20/09/1970 Jacky Ickx Ferrari 90 2:21’18.4
United States 04/10/1970 Emerson Fittipaldi Lotus-Ford 108 1:57’32.79
Mexico 25/10/1970 Jacky Ickx Ferrari 65 1:53’28.36

 Championship Final Standings – Drivers

1              Jochen Rindt†   45
2              Jacky Ickx            40
3              Clay Regazzoni    33
4              Denny Hulme    27
5              Jackie Stewart   25
6              Jack Brabham    25
7              Pedro Rodríguez   23
8              Chris Amon         23
9              Jean-Pierre Beltoise       16
10           Emerson Fittipaldi            12


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