Formula One Legends: World Championship 1969

On March 1st started the 1969 Formula One season, which ended on October 19th after eleven races.

Matra withdrew from his stand alone team and focused all its energy on their partnership with Tyrrel: this allowed Stewart to have an incredible fast and reliable car, which allowed him to easily win the championship in front of Jacky Ickx on Brabham, who arrived with a 37 points gap from the first Tyrrel.

Aerodynamic was one of the main concern of the season and McLaren in particular looked to be the car with more issues in this sense.

The tragic lessons of the 1968 weren’t enough and several incidents characterized the beginning of the championship: wings needed a regulation in size and height and after a initial ban, following the Monago GP, they were reintroduced but with clear rules on paper. Surprisingly the driver boycotted the SPA-Francorchamps, claiming lack of safety of the track and the circuit had to go under heavy re-styling during ’69-’70 winter.

Curiosity of the year is surely the only time in which a driver with a four wheel driving car has been able to score points. It was Johnny Servoz-Gabin on old Matra MS84 during the Canadian GP, arriving 6th.

Grand Prix Date Winning Driver Team Laps Time
South Africa 01/03/1969 Jackie Stewart Matra-Ford 80 1:50’39.1
Spain 04/05/1969 Jackie Stewart Matra-Ford 90 2:16’54.0
Monaco 18/05/1969 Graham Hill Lotus-Ford 80 1:56’59.4
Netherlands 21/06/1969 Jackie Stewart Matra-Ford 90 2:06’42.08
France 06/07/1969 Jackie Stewart Matra-Ford 38 1:56’47.4
Great Britain 19/07/1969 Jackie Stewart Matra-Ford 84 1:55’55.6
Germany 03/08/1969 Jacky Ickx Brabham-Ford 14 1:49’55.4
Italy 07/09/1969 Jackie Stewart Matra-Ford 68 1:39’11.26
Canada 20/09/1969 Jacky Ickx Brabham-Ford 90 1:59’25.7
United States 05/10/1969 Jochen Rindt Lotus-Ford 108 1:57’56.84
Mexico 19/10/1969 Denny Hulme McLaren-Ford 65 1:54’08.80

 Championship Standind Final Results

1              Jackie Stewart   63
2              Jacky Ickx   37
3              Bruce McLaren 26
4              Jochen Rindt      22
5              Jean-Pierre Beltoise       21
6              Denny Hulme    20
7              Graham Hill         19
8              Piers Courage    16
9              Jo Siffert              15
10           Jack Brabham    14


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