Formula One Legends: World Championship 1962

The 13th season of the Formula One championship started on May 20th and ended just before end of 1962 on December 29th after nice races.

1962 will not be remembered as the year of Ferrari: the italian team wasn’t able to keep the pace of the british teams and this lead to internal issue and rivalry.

1962 saw the end of the career of one of the greatest drivers of any time, Stirling Moss, who crashed at the beginning of the season and stopped to race just before the championship was starting.

BRM instead had in the 1962 the confirmation of its value, which thanks to an unpredictable Graham Hill was able to challenge the impressively powerful Lotus 25 driven by Jim Clark. Cooper again ready to battle, but also Porsche didn’t sit and look, but pushed hard to keep the pace of the british teams.

One revelation of the year has been for sure Brabham, who emerged as constructor and was able to make its first point during the season.

The championship went to Graham Hill on BRM, in front of Jim Clark and Bruce McLaren. John Surtees was 4th in the overall championship and Gurney fifth.

Grand Prix Date Winning Driver Team Laps Time
Netherlands 20/05/1962 Graham Hill BRM 80 2:11’02.1
Monaco 03/06/1962 Bruce McLaren Cooper-Climax 100 2:46’29.7
Belgium 17/06/1962 Jim Clark Lotus-Climax 32 2:07’32.3
France 08/07/1962 Dan Gurney Porsche 54 2:07’5.5
Great Britain 21/07/1962 Jim Clark Lotus-Climax 75 2:26’20.8
Germany 05/08/1962 Graham Hill BRM 15 2:38’45.3
Italy 16/09/1962 Graham Hill BRM 86 2:29’08.4
United States 07/10/1962 Jim Clark Lotus-Climax 100 2:07’13.0
South Africa 29/12/1962 Graham Hill BRM 82 2:08’03.3

 Championship Final Results – Drivers

1              Graham Hill         42 (52) pts
2              Jim Clark              30 pts
3              Bruce McLaren  27 (32) pts
4              John Surtees      19 pts
5              Dan Gurney         15 pts
6              Phil Hill                 14 pts
7              Tony Maggs        13 pts
8              Richie Ginther   10 pts
9              Jack Brabham      9 pts
10           Trevor Taylor      6 pts


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