Formula One Legends: World Championship 1961


Everyone knows what happened in 1961: you don’t need ot be formula One fans or a Automotive specialist to know that 1961 means 1.5.

Exactly 1.5. Because 1961 will be the first year of 1.5 liters cars and who could leverage at its best this engine revolution if not the king of all engines?

Yes, my friend, Ferrari of course.

1961.. a year full of emotions, positive and negatives.

Giancarlo Baghetti was the first driver after Farina to win his first Formula One race at the debut. For Farina was ‘’easier’’ since that was also the first F1 race ever. For Baghetti much more complicated, since driving even a private Ferrari, and not the official the Maranello team gave to Phil Hill.

A terrible incident in Monza, where Jim Clark collided in Monza against Wolfgang von Trips saw the sudden death of the second and of 14 spectators.

This allowed to Phil Hill to win the World Champions, and only for one point, on Von Trips: third in the championship was Stirling Moss, which was the only driver no-Ferrari, winning a race (two to be precise) during this year.

Grand Prix Date Winning Driver Team Laps Time
Monaco 14/05/1961 Stirling Moss Lotus-Climax 100 2:45’50.1
Netherlands 22/05/1961 Wolfgang von Trips Ferrari 75 2:01’52.1
Belgium 18/06/1961 Phil Hill Ferrari 30 2:03’03.8
France 02/07/1961 Giancarlo Baghetti Ferrari 52 2:14’17.5
Great Britain 15/07/1961 Wolfgang von Trips Ferrari 75 2:40’53.6
Germany 06/08/1961 Stirling Moss Lotus-Climax 15 2:18’12.4
Italy 10/09/1961 Phil Hill Ferrari 43 2:03’13.0
United States 08/10/1961 Innes Ireland Lotus-Climax 100 2:13’45.8

Final Drivers Championship Standing

1              Phil Hill         34 (38)

2              Wolfgang von Trips         33

3              Stirling Moss      21

4              Dan Gurney        21

5              Richie Ginther   16

6              Innes Ireland     12

7              Jim Clark              11

8              Bruce McLaren 11

9              Giancarlo Baghetti   9

10           Tony Brooks       6


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