Formula One Legends: World Championship 2003

The 2003 Formula One season was the 54th season of FIA Formula One motor racing. It featured the 2003 FIA Formula One World Championship, which commenced on March 9, 2003 and ended on October 12 after sixteen races. World Championship titles were awarded for Drivers and Constructors.

The 2003 season saw the introduction of new regulations intended to increase F1’s excitement and to help alleviate the financial difficulties of the smaller teams. One-lap qualifying was introduced as a way for smaller teams to get more television exposure.

Optional Friday testing at Grand Prix events was introduced in exchange for fewer miles on stand-alone test days. This was intended to give smaller teams a cheaper alternative to these test days, which were to be banned in 2004. Only one type of wet weather tyre was allowed to be used in wet weather races. The point scoring systems for both the Constructors and Drivers titles were changed from 10, 6, 4, 3, 2, 1 for the first six finishers at each round to 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 for the first eight finishers in an attempt to make the title contests closer.

Unlike the previous year, the 2003 season of Formula 1 was the scene of a major dispute between drivers from three different teams: Ferrari, McLaren and Williams.

However, with a difference of only two points, the German Michael Schumacher won the Hexacampeão world, a new record in F1.

Kimi Raikkonen, runner-up, showed great skill in his second season with McLaren and is accredited as one of the major revelations of the category.

While Juan Pablo Montoya, third place, proved to be very fast and put Williams under teams again.

Scoring System – F1 2003

1st place – 10 points
2nd place – 8 points
3rd place – 6 points
4th place – 5 points
5th place – 4 points
6th place – 3 points
7th place – 2 points
8th place – 1 point

Drivers Championship Standing

1. Michael Schumacher (Ferrari) 93pt.
2. Kimi Räikkönen (McLaren) 91pt.
3. Juan Pablo Montoya (Williams) 82pt.
4. Rubens Barrichello (Ferrari) 65pt.
5. Ralf Schumacher (Williams) 58pt.
6. Fernando Alonso (Renault) 55pt.
7. David Coulthard (McLaren) 51pt.
8. Jarno Trulli (Renault) 33pt.
9. Mark Webber (Jaguar) 17pt.
10. Jenson Button (BAR) 17pt.
11. Heinz-Harald Frentzen (Sauber) 13pt.
12. Giancarlo Fisichella (Jordan) 12pt.
13. Cristiano da Matta (Toyota) 10pt.
14. Nick Heidfeld (Sauber) 6pt.
15. Olivier Panis (Toyota) 6pt.
16. Jacques Villeneuve (BAR) 6pt.
17. Marc Gené (Williams) 4pt.
18. Takuma Sato (BAR) 3pt.
19. Justin Wilson (Jaguar) 1pt.
20. Ralph Firman (Jordan) 1pt.
21. Antonio Pizzonia (Jaguar) 0pt.
22. Jos Verstappen (Minardi) 0pt.
23. Nicolas Kiesa (Minardi) 0pt.
24. Zsolt Baumgartner (Jordan) 0pt.

Constructor Championship Standing

1. Ferrari 158pt.
2. Williams-BMW 144pt.
3. McLaren-Mercedes 142pt.
4. Renault 88pt.
5. BAR-Honda 26pt.
6. Sauber-Petronas 19pt.
7. Jaguar-Cosworth 18pt.
8. Toyota 16pt.
9. Jordan-Ford 13pt.
10. Minardi-Cosworth 0pt.

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