Formula One Legends: World Championship 1953

Formula One Legends: World Championship 1953Formula One Legends: World Championship 1953

Fourth championship season. Formula One still at the beginning of his mitological history, but its star has already shined all over the planet giving emotions which have not experienced in the whole mankind history.

Formula One: World Championship 1953Formula One: World Championship 1953

F1 with the perfect mix of technology, passion and thrill is ready, in 1953 to offer an amazing show.
Once again.

Ferrari is ready to go, Ascari can’t think about anything else then winning and spent the winter full of confidence. But will be enough? First race in Argentina, let’s check out how the rest went..

Grand Prix Date Winning Driver Team Laps Time
Argentina 18/01/1953 Alberto Ascari Ferrari 97 3:01’04.6
Indianapolis 500 30/05/1953 Bill Vukovich Kurtis Kraft 200 3:53’01.69
Netherlands 07/06/1953 Alberto Ascari Ferrari 90 2:53’35.8
Belgium 21/06/1953 Alberto Ascari Ferrari 36 2:48’30.3
France 05/07/1953 Mike Hawthorn Ferrari 60 2:44’18.6
Great Britain 18/07/1953 Alberto Ascari Ferrari 90 2:50’00
Germany 02/08/1953 Nino Farina Ferrari 18 3:02’25.0
Switzerland 23/08/1953 Alberto Ascari Ferrari 65 3:01’34.40
Italy 13/09/1953 Juan Manuel Fangio Maserati 80 2:49’45.9

Yes, Ascari once again beaten anyone else expectation and with less continuative, but same efficient as per 1952 he get the world title with several meaningful victories.

Formula One: World Championship 1953Formula One: World Championship 1953

Farina, Hawthorn, Vukovich and Fangio took the remaining part of the pie, but not enough to challenge A.A.

Final Championship classification

Pos. Driver Pts.
1 Alberto Ascari 34.5 (46.5)
2 Juan Manuel Fangio 28 (29.5)
3 Nino Farina 26 (32)
4 Mike Hawthorn 19 (27)
5 Luigi Villoresi 17
6 José Froilán González 13.5 (14.5)
7 Bill Vukovich 9
8 Toulo de Graffenried 7
9 Felice Bonetto 6.5
10 Art Cross 6

What a year for Ferrari, but losing in Italy, from Maserati, is not going to leave the ”Cavallino Rampante” team in peace for the upcoming winter. Will be 1954 the year of a big change? Will Ferrari be able to keep his leading position?

And what about the king of Formula One so far, Alberto Ascari.

Formula One: World Championship 1953

In some countries they say: there’s no 2 without 3.. let’s find out if this is Alberto’s case also for 1954.


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