Formula One Legends: World Championship 1952

It’s time for the third Formula One Championship ever, it’s time for 1952.

Not too many changes in the calendar, only Spain being substituted by The Netherlands, with the magic introduction of Zandvoort. Unforgettable track which we all hope one day will be part of F1 calendar again.

The biggest change of this year is of course the withdrawn of Alfa Romeo from competitions, which left Ferrari as the car to beat.

Ascari comes from the two fantastic victories of 1951 and doesn’t want to miss the opportunity to challenge Fangio for the final title.

Let’s see how it wents

Grand Prix Date Winning Driver Team Laps Time
Switzerland 18/05/1952 Piero Taruffi Ferrari 62 3:01’46.1
Indianapolis 500 30/05/1952 Troy Ruttman Kuzma 200 3:52’41.88
Belgium 22/06/1952 Alberto Ascari Ferrari 36 3:03’46.3
France 06/07/1952 Alberto Ascari Ferrari 77 3:00’00
Great Britain 19/07/1952 Alberto Ascari Ferrari 85 2:44’11
Germany 03/08/1952 Alberto Ascari Ferrari 18 3:06’13.3
Netherlands 17/08/1952 Alberto Ascari Ferrari 90 2:53’28.5
Italy 07/09/1952 Alberto Ascari Ferrari 80 2:50’45.6

And it’s the year of Ferrari indeed, the year of the italians as some would say, with the US the only other nation represented on the highest step of the podium with Ruttman, for Indy 500.

Ferrari has dominated and Ascari perfectly leveraged all the potential of its car for an impressive strike of 6 victories in a row. Just back from the US race he was able only to win and the title couldn’t go to anyone else better then the hyper fast Alberto.

Final Championship Classification:

Pos. Driver Pts.
1 Alberto Ascari 36 (53.5)
2 Giuseppe Farina 24 (27)
3 Piero Taruffi 22
4 Rudi Fischer 10
5 Mike Hawthorn 10
6 Robert Manzon 9
7 Troy Ruttman 8
8 Luigi Villoresi 8
9 José Froilán González 6.5
10 Jim Rathmann 6

Still very farway from the top, one of the best driver of all the times, Stirling Moss, with 5 retirements in the 5 races he had participated. Will the 1953 start to be his year?

Will Ascari keep pushing so hard or Juan Manuel will come back to fight for real?

Just wait and watch the next episode of Formula One Legends, only, on thevaliens.com!

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