Formula One Legends: World Championship 1951

World Championship 1951

It’s 1951, and cars producers had one winter to think about the second world championship of Formuila One in history.

One winter to decide which improvement bring to the car and which drivers would have suited more their bolide.

Alfa Romeo is back with a supercharged Ferrari engine 4.2.. will it be enough to repeat the un-achievable results of the first year?

Is Farina going to set down a second world title straight? Would you?

The championship starts from Switzerland this year and it will be concluded in Spain.

Grand Prix Date Winning Driver Team Laps Time
Switzerland 27/05/1951 Juan Manuel Fangio Alfa Romeo 42 2:07’53.64
Indianapolis 500 30/05/1951 Lee Wallard Kurtis Kraft 200 3:57’38.05
Belgium 17/06/1951 Nino Farina Alfa Romeo 36 2:45’66.2
France 01/07/1951 Juan Manuel Fangio Alfa Romeo 77 3:22’11.0
Great Britain 14/07/1951 Jose Froilan Gonzalez Ferrari 90 2:42’18.2
Germany 29/07/1951 Alberto Ascari Ferrari 20 3:23’03.3
Italy 16/09/1951 Alberto Ascari Ferrari 80 2:42’39.3
Spain 28/10/1951 Juan Manuel Fangio Alfa Romeo 70 2:46’54.10

Juan Manuel Fangio decides immediately to don’t leave to the funny Italian Nino any chance and start pushing from the first race as fast as The VALiens.

Only in Belgium Farina will be able to show his great talent, but will not be enough, because with 3 victories Juan Manuel brings home his first World Championship title.

JMF had to struggle to achieve it though, because an other italian, A.A. , Alberto Ascari put as hard as he could do ruin Juan party, with a double astonishing victory in Nurburgring and Monza.

A new car started winning this year: Scuderia Ferrari.

Final Championship Classification:

1) Juan Manuel Fangio  31 pts.

2) Alberto Ascari    25 pts.

3) José Frollan Gonzales 24pts.

4) Giuseppe Farina   19pts.

5) Luigi Villoresi 15pts.

Follow here, from this YT footage the Belgian GP 1951


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