Formula One Legends: World Championship 1950

1950 is the year where a new era of motorsport begin: it’s the year when Formula One starts!

The championship started in Great Britain, Silverstone, passing through tracks which became over time a point of reference for all racing-maniacs: Silverstone, Monaco, Indianapolis, Spa, Monza.

The championship battle has been in between two drivers, Nino Farina and Juan Manuel Fangio.

Grand Prix Date Winning Driver Team Laps Time
Great Britain 13/05/1950 Nino Farina Alfa Romeo 70 2:13’23.6
Monaco 21/05/1950 Juan Manuel Fangio Alfa Romeo 100 3:13’16.7
Indianapolis 500 30/05/1950 Johnnie Parsons Kurtis Kraft 138 2:46’55.97
Switzerland 04/06/1950 Nino Farina Alfa Romeo 42 2:02’53.7
Belgium 18/06/1950 Juan Manuel Fangio Alfa Romeo 35 2:47’26
France 02/07/1950 Juan Manuel Fangio Alfa Romeo 64 2:57’52.8
Italy 03/09/1950 Nino Farina Alfa Romeo 80 2:51’17.4

The only victory of another driver has been in Indianapolis, where Johnnie Parsons won, leveraging the monster engine his Kurtis Kraft bolide had: Offenhauser engine, built by American specifically for hyper fast tracks.

The dominance of Alfa Romeo was shocking: the Italian cars where fast and reliable and his two top drivers didn’t miss the chance to show their talented skills.

Final Championship Classification:

1) Giuseppe Farina   30pts.

2) Juan Manuel Fangio  27pts.

3) Luigi Fagioli  24pts.

4) Louis Rosier   13pts.

5) Alberto Ascari    11pts.

Watch here an incredible footage: Juan Manuel Fangio driving with camera car on board!


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