Formula One Legends: World Championship 1959

Formula One Legends: World Championship 1959

9 races were composing the 10th Formula One championship, in 1959.

This season saw the withdrawal of Vanwall, mainly due to security reasons and for the several accidents happened during 1958. Ferrari versus Cooper then, with the outstanding rear engine of the british team, a compact 2.5 litre which undoubtedly helped his drivers: Brahbam, Moss and McLaren.

Formula One Legends: World Championship 1959

The new entrance, Aston Martin, didn’t impress and show lack in weight and power, while BRM had definitely improved over-winter and aim to win at least a GP. The fast but unreliable and definitely with some problem of chassis, Watson, with Offenhauser engine, knew since the beginning that for them the main goal was only the 500 miles of Indianapolis.

Formula One Legends: World Championship 1959

The championship, as said has been a battle in between Ferrari and Cooper, with Brabham, on Cooper, bringing home the final title thanks to an incredible final lap of the season.

Moss retired almost immediately after the start, and the battle was now only in between Brabham and Brooks. Brabham was leading the race, when he ran out of fuel.

Formula One Legends: World Championship 1959

Tony Brooks on Ferrari had all the chances to win the final title, but ended 3rd, while Brooks, pushed his car so well that was able to finish 4th and grabbing his world title: the first one for an Australian.

Formula One Legends: World Championship 1959


Grand Prix Date Winning Driver Team Laps Time
Monaco 10/05/1959 Jack Brabham Cooper-Climax 100 2:55’51.3
Indianapolis 500 30/05/1959 Rodger Ward Watson-Offenhauser 200 3:40’49.20
Netherlands 31/05/1959 Jo Bonnier BRM 75 2:05’26.8
France 05/07/1959 Tony Brooks Ferrari 50 2:01’26.5
Great Britain 18/07/1959 Jack Brabham Cooper-Climax 75 2:30’11.6
Germany 02/08/1959 Tony Brooks Ferrari 60 2:09’31.6
Portugal 23/08/1959 Stirling Moss Cooper-Climax 62 2:11’55.41
Italy 13/09/1959 Stirling Moss Cooper-Climax 72 2:04’05.4
United States 12/12/1959 Bruce McLaren Cooper-Climax 42 2:12’35.7

Final Championship Results – Drivers

1              Jack Brabham    31 (34) pts.

2              Tony Brooks       27 pts.

3              Stirling Moss      25.5 pts.

4              Phil Hill  20 pts.

5              Maurice Trintignant        19 pts.

6              Bruce McLaren 16.5 pts.

7              Dan Gurney        13 pts.

8              Joakim Bonnier  10 pts.

9              Masten Gregory   10 pts.

10           Rodger Ward     8 pts.

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