It’s time for the sixth season of Formula One, it’s time for Formula One Legends: World Championship 1555. This year is going to be remembered for two things essentially: the Mercedes dominance and the tragic fatalities happened.

Mercedes dominated the championship, with 5 victories out of the 7 races which composed the season: 4 went to Juan Manuel Fangio, who won also the final title, his second, and the 5th victory went to a new winner: Stirling Moss.

Only one victory for Ferrari in Monaco, which came only because all the Mercedes cars have broke their engines or they’ve been in incidents and the Lancia driven by Alberto Ascari crashed in the harbor.

Grand Prix Date Winning Driver Team Laps Time
Argentina 16/01/1955 Juan Manuel Fangio Mercedes 96 3:00’38.6
Monaco 22/05/1955 Maurice Trintignant Ferrari 100 2:58’09.8
Indianapolis 500 30/05/1955 Bob Sweikert Kurtis Kraft 200 3:53’59.53
Belgium 05/06/1955 Juan Manuel Fangio Mercedes 36 2:39’29.0
Netherlands 19/06/1955 Juan Manuel Fangio Mercedes 100 2: 54.23.8
Great Britain 16/07/1955 Stirling Moss Mercedes 90 3:07.21.2
Italy 11/09/1955 Juan Manuel Fangio Mercedes 50 2:25’04.4

Final Championship Classification:

Pos. Driver Pts.
1 Juan Manuel Fangio 40 (41)
2 Stirling Moss 23
3 Eugenio Castellotti 12
4 Maurice Trintignant 11 1⁄3
5 Nino Farina 10 1⁄3
6 Piero Taruffi 9
7 Bob Sweikert 8
8 Roberto Mieres 7
9 Jean Behra 6
10 Luigi Musso 6

As said 1955 will be remembered unfortunately for the several fatalities happened.

Alberto Ascari, four days after the Monaco GP was in Monza testing a sport car where he crashed and lost his life. Ascari legend started and one of the most important corner, a chicane to be exact, of a racing tracks will take his name, the legendary Ascari Chicane in Monza, a series of left-right-left corners to be done at over 200km/h: not an easy task even for the experienced drivers of our days.

And another disaster happened just a couple of week after, with an incident that caused the death of the French driver Pierre Levegh and over 80 spectators.

Following this incident the races of Spain, France, Germany and Switzerland have been cancelled.


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