Formula One Legends: World Championship 1954

It’s 1954 and Formula One is going to experiencing one of its first several revolutions, always aimed to achieve the best performance and bring cars and drivers to their limits.

This year the big change is related to engine, which are going to be 2.5 liters supercharged: this has immediately a consequence, bringing Mercedes back in the GPs, first time after 2 World War and not with an unknown driver, but with the new born star of Juan Manuel Fangio.

Yes, exactly, the same JMF who will start the championship (with victories) with Maserati, will move half of the season to the archrival german team.

Grand Prix Date Winning Driver Team Laps Time
Argentina 17/01/1954 Juan Manuel Fangio Maserati 87 3:00’55.8
Indianapolis 500 31/05/1954 Bill Vukovich Kurtis Kraft 200 3:49’17.27
Belgium 20/06/1954 Juan Manuel Fangio Maserati 36 2:44’42.4
France 04/07/1954 Juan Manuel Fangio Mercedes 61 2:42’47.9
Great Britain 17/07/1954 Jose Froilan Gonzalez Ferrari 90 2:56’14
Germany 01/08/1954 Juan Manuel Fangio Mercedes 22 3:45’45.8
Switzerland 22/08/1954 Juan Manuel Fangio Mercedes 66 3:00’34.5
Italy 05/09/1954 Juan Manuel Fangio Mercedes 80 2:47’47.9
Spain 24/10/1954 Mike Hawthorn Ferrari 80 3:13’52.1

Alberto Ascari who dominated the world champion in the two previous years has decided for a brave move, which will be reveled a wrong choice, moving to Lancia, whose D50 car hasn’t been available till almost the end of the championship, not

allowing AA to almost any driving.

The championship went to Juan Manuel, followed by his fellow argentinian Gonzales. No chance for the Italians this year, but a new driver at Ferrari, Mike Hawthorn well impressed with the victory in the Spanish GP, will be this enough to guarantee a shiny 1955 for the ”Cavallino Rampante” team?

1) Juan Manuel Fangio

2) José Froilán González

3) Mike Hawthorn

4) Maurice Trintignant

5) Karl Kling

6) Bill Vukovich

7) Hans Herrmann

8) Luigi Musso

9) Nino Farina

10)Jimmy Bryan

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