Get sick

Lonesome autumn is out. It’s time to get sick, but how? How can you make sure to have enough time to stay home, feeling bad and listen to Lonesome Autumn? The secret key of a lonesome autumn. The secret key of The VALiens and

There are times in which is nice to have a cold or  a flu. There are multiple reason for that. Skip work for example is one of the most common ones. But sometimes is simply nice to stay under the covers, with a natural status of dizziness. Being mellow and not able to coordinate arms and legs as you wish is also another appreciated fact by many people.

Eat tobacco or tobacco place under the armpits, but also drink an infusion of tobacco (the tobacco goes to great). Alternatively go to sleep with two bars of soap under the armpits. One good method is of course running with toothpaste under the eyes.

Several managers every morning make a cold cold shower and dry off with the full power airco system pointed on a naked, wet back.

For those who have a query really terrible around also recommend to eat a raw potato. Why not.

If you really have no time to lose, you can still grab a handkerchief of someone who is sick and rub it on yourself (or you can try to “sniff it” or, if you are desperate just eat it)

Eating chalk powder or otherwise put on your toothpaste on the lip (internal and external) and fill the air mouth and go to the balcony. (in short sleeves and shorts maybe).

Did you finally get sick?

Enjoy now a real Lonesome autumn.



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