Walk through Saraha Desert

How to: cross the desert of Sahara walking while listening The VALiens

The vast space of the desert was always walking route by nomadic tribes, peoples perfectly adapted to an environment inhospitable. For hiking enthusiasts Egypt offers several opportunities, but if you do not have the aim to proceed without reference to days following a fixed cardinal direction you should choose locations with a wide variety of environmental short distances.
Usually using camels to transport supplies, although some prefer to jeep trails interspersed with stretches of road rincontrando mechanical means in field points or other selected points along the route. If you opt for a more ‘natural’, using camels for transport, can be useful to have some spare camel, if it occurs to mount the effort. For trekking you can also follow the paths by caravans of camels, bearing in mind that you can possibly reduce the length of some stages.

The beach is not just the sea, the sun, the breeze. And who gets the most from the towel? Excluding a few games of beach volleyball, two shots rackets, crosswords and that book you wanted to read the whole winter seems that nothing can move you from your purpose of complete and total, almost embarrassing, leisure. Bad: you do not know what you’re missing. In fact, the beach offers the best gym in the world can you tone up, relax, improve your mood and allow more even tan in one fell swoop.

This happens because when we walk barefoot on the sand give rise to a natural massage able to reabsorb the blood stagnates in the legs and feet. In this way, the liquid is passed on, the feeling of tiredness and heaviness tends to disappear, and even the aesthetic benefits from this. Even your mood will improve. And not just because it is certainly nice to see you again by a certain happiness, but because the increased blood supply to the brain causes occur also psychological benefits that will certainly further increase when you give a look at your feet and see them perfect.

Within a month of the year particularly favorable to desert trips will be pleasant walk in the caravan, with the blue men and camels in tow, to admire the beautiful Valley Dràa and the Sahara in all their most evocative expression: the lush palm groves in the season harvest the immense hamada, the rocky plateaux, small dunes and tamarisk large sea of ​​sand dunes.


— article from : http://www.cammini.eu/; http://www.gds.it/; http://www.adventure-journal.com/

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