Create an imaginary friend

How to: Create an imaginary friend

Step 1

Get ideas. Ask your parents or other family members if they ever had an imaginary friend. Get some ideas.

Step 2

Come up with a name. It can be anything you want, from Zach to Frookipops, and since you’re essentially creating this person, you can be as frivolous as your heart desires. Create a middle and last name for your friend, too, to make him/her more realistic.

Step 3

Come up with a special power or characteristic for this person. It’s what will make them fun. Give them flaws, but make sure their personality will make them side with you almost all the time.

Step 4

Hold a conversation! This is important when making an imaginary friend. If you can’t talk to him or her, you essentially won’t be friends. An imaginary friend will never tell anyone your secrets or talk about you behind your back so tell them anything.

Step 5

Figure out what they look like. Draw them, or just make a picture in your mind. If you have The Sims or a Wii (the Mii Channel), you can create them on there. Or make them at South Park Studios website. You can also use Pimp the Faceto create a realistic picture of what your friend might look like.

Step 6

Spend time developing your new friend. No imaginary friend is worthwhile without spending time with them. Do things you like to do with them. After all, it’s not like they’re going to say no.

Step 7

Have an adventure with your new friend, go someplace exotic (real or otherwise), somewhere that you’ve never been and share stories together of your findings. Write an imaginary diary about all the wonderful places you’ve been.

Step 8

Never neglect your imaginary friend. They should be allowed to be complex creatures like the rest of us!

Step 9

Remember that imaginary friends are people too! Treat them like you’d treat yourself or your own best friend.

Step 10

Make sure that you stick up for your imaginary friend. After all, they are your friend.


  • If you have any trouble remembering to have your imaginary friend around with you at times, try the old fashioned “string on your finger” trick or be more stylish and wear a ring on a finger you don’t usually wear one on.
    • Having that there will feel different and constantly cause you to think about your imaginary friend.
    • By the time you’ve grown used to the ring, you probably have become used to having your new imaginary friend around as well.
  • You could draw a picture of them, scan it into a computer, and use a software device to make it look more realistic, then print it off, and put it in a frame! You could put you in it as well, and put a picture of somewhere (eg. Florida) in the background!
  • If you are giving these tips to a smaller sibling, make sure they don’t name it after one of their real friends.
  • You can have most fun with an imaginary friend who shares similar interests.
  • Your imaginary friend doesn’t need to be the same age as you.
    • Older imaginary friends are wiser with lots of good advice. These are useful when you need someone to say “keep your cool” when things are getting a bit too stressful.
    • Younger imaginary friends might need more looking after. Maybe you found them in a forest and adopted them – but they don’t know anything about politeness or etiquette. This is good for when you’re really bored because there is lots to tell them.
    • Imaginary friends the same age go through the same experiences as you so are great when you need someone really understanding.
  • Don’t stop at one imaginary friend. Sometimes your emotions require different personalities to settle. try and link them all in some way though so they know each other. Related perhaps, or a group of friends?
  • An imaginary friend can make a great character for a story you might be writing. You can even write a story about what you do together.
  • Use your best imagination
  • And last, remember, if they don`t want to play, don`t make them. Just because you made them you dont get to boss them around.
  • In fact, you can visualize them in real life, but maybe a little see through. It’ll make it more fun.
  • Make sure that you hold this friend dear, for you wouldn’t want them to leave and find someone else.
  • You can also have an imaginary pet!


  • Do not accidentally sit on your imaginary friend. After all, would you like to be sat on? They certainly won’t like it.
  • Don’t give them the same name as yourself or a close family member/friend. This is just confusing.
  • When telling secrets to an imaginary friend, make sure there is no one eavesdropping.
  • Don’t talk to them when anyone is looking – people might think that you’re crazy.
  • Do not show a drawing of your imaginary friend to someone who might copy you… unless you don’t care.
  • People might think you are weird and/or make fun of you.
  • You shouldn’t care what other people think if they make fun of you.
  • Keep your imaginary friend a secret.
  • Don’t fall in love or date with your imaginary friend it may become a sticky situation.

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  1. Amelia says:

    ……..:) ^_^ I got nothing:)^_^um…i♡Harry Potter um…☆…so…um…uh yeah I…guess ^_^ hi…bye^_^


  2. beba2016 says:

    i want my imaginary friend baldi.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Cayden says:

    Wow!!!but I tried to make one but I couldn’t;(


    • Rosalind says:

      I tried to make one but couldn’t my brain turned to mush and I just couldn’t imagine them.seriously in school they should teach you to use your imagination great page just didn’t work out great for me. Also what would happen I you made an imaginary gf\bf?


    • Emma says:

      Its not only you I just couldn’t imagine don’t know why?


  4. Nurul Ain Zulaikha says:

    I like thus tip. But do we have to make them look scary. Cuz I just make one right now


  5. Penelope says:

    My imagingnary friends name is guest 666


  6. I always wanting a evil imaginary demon friend
    Like creepypastas


  7. Ya Boi says:

    So, tried this out and it worked. My imaginary friend came with already came with a name. His name was Kim. He felt so real.


  8. BlahRants says:

    My imaginary friend’s name is L.O. (from HAPPY MONSTER BAND)


  9. Tanzila says:

    My imaginary friend’s name is Emily


  10. Rosalind says:

    Hi reader,
    Why can’t you make an imaginary bf\gf?
    Why can’t I imagine my imaginary friend?

    Why did my brain turn to mush when I tried to make an imaginary friendship? is there something wrong with me?or did I just do some thing wrong? If I did something wrong please could someone tell me what I did?😑 and why did I make that mistake it was just as I was drawing them that my brain just whent blank! It was like someone pulled a plug out of my head.


  11. Ross says:

    Her name is Ross and her name


  12. Gina says:

    I did not get an imaginary friend why have an imaginary if you have a bestfriend i know i’m not speking for everyone🤗☺😄😏


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