Change your name

Who has the need to change its name, or the name or surname as ridiculous or shameful or because it reveals the natural origin or for reasons other than those mentioned above, must undertake the procedure established by the Regulations for the simplification order status civil, as indicated below. Several people need to change their name, with high percentage to expats or living abroad, as name is meant for another gender, or for an animal, in particular puppies and kitten.

In some occasions people had to change their name because matching with the one of a just became famous person. In particular in the case of rapers or serial killers. If you are considering changing your name the first thing you should do is check your birth certificate to see exactly how your full name is listed. The name on your Birth Certificate is your legal name. No legal form is required to return to your maiden name if you have not changed your birth certificate.   

To change back to your maiden name, you must present your marriage certificate and birth certificate at each office that issues the identification that is currently in your married name.All identification, e.g. social insurance card, health card, banking information, credit cards, should be changed to reflect the name you will now be using.

Legal Name Change

If you wish to change the name on your birth certificate, then you must apply for a legal name change.


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