Cordon Bleau with ‘Nduja


  •      150 gr. ham
  •      4 thick slices of chicken breast
  •      5 slices of cheese
  •      2 eggs
  •      bread crumbs
  •      Several ‘Nduja pieces (also the ones fallen on the floor)
  •      Extra virgin olive oil
  •      salt
  •      Ground white pepper


Cut each slice of chicken in half horizontally, so that it forms a bag.

Stuffed the bag with a slice of ham, ‘as much as you can of ‘nduja and a slice of cheese fat, distributing them across the surface, leaving the free edge. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Re-close the cordon bleu gently as if they were small pants and impanateli as a cutlet by passing first into the beaten eggs (seasoned with salt), then in the breadcrumbs.

Cook on both sides until golden brown you want, in plenty of extra virgin olive oil. Turn off the heat and spread the meat on paper towels to food to absorb excess oil.

Serve on a large platter adding the leaves of lettuce and tomatoes as a garnish.

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