Risotto Milanese style with ‘Nduja

risotto milanese

Today cooking with The VALiens will introduce you to the best dish to follow the upcoming F1 Brazilian GP.

To be jointed with rivers of wine, the sunset, Christmas with The VALiens as a soundtrack and whatever you may think it could add spice and fun to your evening..

.. and enjoy!

• Bouillion 1 liters
• Butter 125 gr.
• Onions 1
• Grana Padano cheese 150 gr
• Arborio rice 350 gr
• 1 cup White Wine
• ‘Nduja: several blocks (total 200 gr.)
• 1 teaspoon saffron

risotto milanese preparation

risotto milanese preparation

Melt ‘nduja blocks into the bouillion.
To prepare the risotto with saffron begin chopping the onion, then melt over low heat, 80 grams of butter taking care not to fry, then add the finely chopped onion and let it fry, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon.
Add the rice and toast making him absorb the butter, then turn up the heat and pour the rice first with the wine, let it evaporate, and then with 2 scoops of bouillion, mix and always, when this is almost absorbed, add another 2 ladles. This operation must be repeated until cooked.
Halfway through cooking, melt the saffron in a little broth and pour it into the rice making mix well.
Once the rice has reached the desired cooking should be removed from the heat and then mixed with the Parmesan cheese and the remaining butter. Before serving, it is best to leave the saffron risotto rest for a moment, so that it can insaporirsi. Sprinkle the saffron risotto on to decorate serving dishes.

risotto milanese dish

risotto milanese dish

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