‘Nduja Apple Cake


Cooking with: ‘Nduja Apple Cake


– 5 small apples

– one glass of sugar

– one glass of milk

– two glasses of flour

– 3 eggs

– little bit of butter

– ápricot jam

– ‘nduja

How to:

Cut 3 apples in cubes and mix with the rest of the ingredients (not the jam, not yet please) with the mixer until you get a creamy texture. Spread the butter on the cake pan, put the mix inside and add two apples in slices on top of the mix. Add large chunks of ‘nduja inside the mix. Cook 1 hour at 180 degrees. Let it cool down a bit and spread the apricot jam on top. Wait until the cake is completely cold and then it will be eating time. Leave a large glass of water nearby, you will probably need it when you find the ‘nduja chunks. Enjoy. Looking forward to reading your comments after you made this at home.

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