Caprese salad with ‘nduja

Caprese Salad with 'Nduja

Ingredients for 4 people:

  • buffalo mozzarella500 gr
  • tomatoes 400 gr
  • basil climbs
  • ‘nduja (how to say, as much as you can, of course)
  • oregan
  • olive oil

Time of preparation:  10 min


You wash the tomatoes, you it it of the green peduncolo, you it it and you it it in the sense of the length obtaining some slices often about 1 cm.  You affect the mozzarella to slices of 1 cm of thickness.  You rinse the basil.

You put the slices of tomato in a dish of course , alternating them with those of mozzarella.  You put a leaf of basil on every slice of mozzarella and little thin slice of ‘nduja.

You salt, sprinkle with origan and oil.
Here you are: salad caprese with ‘nduja!

You transfer caprese salad in refrigerator for about 1 now before serving it on the table.

Sprinkle grated ‘nduja all over the dish and enjoy!!!

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