The Nun (2004)


Fantastic Factory presents another spooky Spanish horror tale with The Nun, a pseudo-slasher ghost story that finds an evil water-nymph nun seeking vengeance against her murderers from years before. Before her disappearance, Sister Úrsula was highly feared in her boarding school. Often tormenting her students with her own brand of extreme religious zealotry, this nightmarish nun was deathly strict with her code of ethics. When one of her 15-year-old pupils is found to be pregnant, the nun forces her into a dangerous spiritual cleansing that ends in tragedy when the girl’s five classmates break up the torture session and inadvertently kill Úrsula in the process. Upon the reopening of the school almost 20 years later, two of the group’s survivors end up dead, which forces the rest of the old friends to face their own demons over what happened that fateful night. With the help of the now-teenaged daughter of the original student, the group confronts the very thing that haunts their dreams and forever links them together in hushed silence.


  1. Anita BriemEva

  2. Paulina GálvezZoe

  3. Belen BlancoJulia

  4. Cristina PiagetLa Monja, Sor Ursula

  5. Natalia DicentaSusan

  6. Oriana BonetEulalia

  7. Manu FullolaGabriel

  8. Lola MarcelliMary

  9. Alistair FreelandJoel

  10. Teté DelgadoCristy


  1. Luis de la Madrid


  1. Paulina Gálvez
  2. Julio Fernández


  1. Manu Díez

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