Cleopatra (1912)

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Cleopatra (1912)

Cleopatra is a 1912 American silent historical drama starring Helen Gardner in the title role and directed by Charles L. Gaskill. It is the first film to be produced by Gardner’s production company, The Helen Gardner Picture Players. The film was based on a play written by Victorien Sardou.

One of history’s most famous and tempestuous love affairs is chronicled in the 1912 silent feature Cleopatra. The story of a sexually adventurous first century B.C. queen who once claimed Julius Caesar as her lover,Cleopatra centers on the queen’s discovery of her ideal mate in Roman general Marc Antony.

Cleopatra (1912)

Cleopatra (1912)

When the film opens, the Egyptian queen (known for her many affairs) has just taken a new lover, a slave called Pharon. He is so enthralled by the queen that he is willing to die for her. But it is not until Cleopatra meets Antony that she experiences both all-consuming passion and a relationship that puts her nation and herself in jeopardy. (Upon their first meeting, Antony professes to the queen, “I am ready to sacrifice all — friends, wife, country, an Empire — everything for thy love.”)

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