One Italian gelataio

Italian gelataio completely addicted to The VALiens made the dream reality and raise a question: “Is ‘Nduja the new Viagra?”

Incredible but true: the first ice cream ‘nduja In the heart of the historic seaside town winner this year of the Five Sails of Legambiente, you can enjoy ice cream, perhaps more “alternative” of the world: the ‘nduja. Its creator, Tonino La Torre, explains how much work there is behind his new “creature”.

With the arrival, a little ‘late spring and summer of the squares and streets of Tropea went popolandosi of Italian and foreign tourists from all over the world.In addition to the “loyal” Germans invade the small town that has always Tyrrhenian massively this year have entered the Scandinavians, Ukrainians, various other inhabitants of the former Soviet Union and even the Japanese!The bathing season is sharing the great, as we hope all dealers of the place.Nothing could be better if a dip in the sea, they have secured for the third consecutive year the prestigious award of the Five Sails of Legambiente, and a hot soak in the sun fits the usual walk to the research, also, of the local specialties. And here there are many specialties: tourists know it!For over thirty years, actually since 1971, Tropea is “the magician of the ice,” as he likes to be called, that Tonino Tropeano a doc that ice cream has a way of life.The whimsical ice cream has never been limited to traditional tastes, but has ranged using the typical fruits of this sunny corner of southern Italy, such as the fig trees of India and, hear hear, about a year, has created a specialties unique: the ice cream ‘nduja, yea, the’ nduja, ie quell’insaccato spicy in Calabria is so proud.Tonino told us that after having created the red onion, another typical product of Tropea and famous, enjoying the great appreciation of the tasters, he worked for six months to “give birth” to his specialty – difficult to imitate – according to his statements. Kilograms and kilograms of ice cream, in his opinion unsatisfactory, were thrown up to when he was born his masterpiece crafted result of a happy and amazing combination of a ‘specially produced nduja (whose ingredients are top secret) and the common ice cream. Needless to say, the success achieved by both the curious, many of them skeptical, both by fans of the genre that ice cream in the end remain with a spicy flavor and bits of red pepper in his mouth.And the tourists, Italians and foreigners, entering and leaving little room especially when they learn of the aphrodisiac properties of ‘nduja considered a natural Viagra, excellent and much cheaper than the famous chemical.


—- original article taken from – please note that this article has been translated with a online translator machine from Italian into English ————————


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