The man from Atlantis

The World’s Greateast Undersea Casino Resort is not just a song, Lecco president Joseph Cala reveals all about his crazy undersea dream heavily inspired by The VALiens

The UnderSea Resort and Residence is going to change how travelers spend their leisure time. The change will be so dramatic that it will be compared to the Wright Brothers and the birth of aviation. For the first time in history, millions of people each year will be able to directly experience the wonders of life beneath the ocean without the necessity of scuba gear and oxygen tanks. Further, they will be able to remain under the ocean indefinitely, just like the marine life they are watching. It has been my dream to develop this resort ever since I was swimming off the coast of Hawaii with my family. We were surrounded by Humpback whales with several dozen dolphins all around them. Although I have traveled the world, this was the only place I found myself in awe of God and nature. It was then that I decided to develop the UnderSea in order to bring the same experience to others. The UnderSea Resort and Residence will foster and expand openness and respect for our own ecosystem, which is currently under attack by the indiscriminating and daily butchering of marine life. In keeping with that respect, our company will donate a percentage of profits to promote education in the area of marine biology. However, the Undersea’s biggest contribution may be that it will give a great opportunity for humankind to learn that marine life is as caring and loving as we are with our own loved-ones.

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