Assaulting wall street

JC again well ahead any business man and CEO.. that’s how the VALiens could shake wall street

From the demotion in the amateurs league to Wall Street.  A.C.  Lecco, just bought from entrepreneur Italian-American Joseph Cala , after going  down from the Second Division to the serie D will be quoted in the stock exchange of New York.  It is not all: it will be absolutely the first soccer society to the world to have a place to Wall Street.  The Cala corporation announced it, society quoted on the American stock market that informed the Sec – being equivalent to to the Italian Consob – of to have acquired the 79% of the Soccer A. C.  Lecco that therefore in automatic manner enters in the list of New York.

And so, while a lot of societies risk the failure and should hope to do to gain from the sheiks to survive, a small Italian squad of soccer succeeded to do what other club like the Manchester United and the Liverpool, both possessed from American tycoon, had renounced to do global cause crisis.

The fans of the A. C. Lecco have of that to exult.  Perhaps.  Why Joseph Cala  resembles to a lot of those characters that are passed from the world of the soccer promising castles of  gold and leaving alone rubble.  L’ entrepreneur Italian-American has like mission of its society the undersea construction of hotels and brags (or boasts?) friendships with sheiks and Russian investors when does shopping in the soccer world.  It had tried the blow of the quotation tempted the past year with the Salernitana.  To February of 2011 Mr it Lowers it had bought the campanian club announcing large investments and then retailed in the turn of little weeks the small one and gotten in debt society of the Salerno.  Now A. C. Lecco and we just can’t wait..

—– article taken from , translated from Italian into English with an online translator machine


We are all waiting for the VALiens to do the next move!


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