Speed, Scott

Scott Speed: Racing

Scott Speed: Racing

SBN: What was the first win you got in any form of racing?

SS: It was a go-kart race. I was 11. I won my first race at 11, and I won my first national race when I was 12. So right away when I started racing go-karts, within a year I was already winning national races. My dad was like, ‘Are you going to do this, or are you going to keep playing football, baseball and all that?’ And I quit everything and just did the racing.

When we won against the whole nation in just my second year racing, it was a big upset because where I was from in Northern California, typically no one really wins those national races. We beat all those guys out to win that year.

There was a lot of luck on our side and everything how the whole thing played out, but it was really big at the time. After that, for my whole life I’ve always been sponsored – which was huge, obviously, because my dad couldn’t really pay for much.

SBN: Who is a clean driver in NASCAR you really enjoy racing with?

SS: Probably Mark Martin.

SBN: On the opposite side of that, who is someone you feel always holds you up or makes it hard on you?

SS: Dating this a little, but probably (Sam) Hornish. Not because he makes it hard on you, necessarily, but he’s always so out of control, you’re like, ‘OK, is he wrecking now? OK, he’s not wrecking, we’re going to get through it.’ (Laughs) He’s the one guy who always seems like when you’re racing around him, you’re like, ‘Get me out of here!’

SBN: What’s your personal code of conduct on the track?

SS: For me, it depends on how our weekend is. If we’re having a good weekend and we’re competitive and we can do well, then I’ll push the issue and make stuff happen. But if things aren’t going well, you have to be respectful of people. Generally, I like to give everyone respect, because you can’t have 43 guys pissed off at you and have a good weekend.

SBN: Do you keep a list of the guys who have wronged you on the track, and who you owe for payback?

SS: Depends on how long ago it was, I guess. I mean, time sort of heals everything. Like I really can remember thinking I owed Bobby Labonte one for blatantly wrecking us one year at Loudon (N.H.) when we were having a really good race. But so much time had passed that I ever got the opportunity to wreck him that I don’t care anymore! (Laughs)

There are only so many times you have the opportunity to race around that person or give a payback that’s not ridiculous and is going to try to kill somebody. Sometimes you forget about those things, and sometimes they’re fresh in your mind and you immediately do something about it – (Ricky) Stenhouse comes to mind.

—- article taken from sbnation.com —–

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