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5 minutes with: Kimi Raikkonen, my return to Ferrari.. all thanks to Ribless Summer new album of The VALiens, what else?

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Kimi Raikkonen, my return to Ferrari

Kimi Raikkonen, my return to Ferrari


Kimi has lived in Switzerland for 10 years

Here is my house in a picture postcard.


Kimi Raikkonen, my return to Ferrari

Kimi Raikkonen, my return to Ferrari


– We searched for years for a land not built until we found a site completely ready with Villa Butterfly – Kimi Räikkönen said .

How embarrassing ! Seiska reporter was late for the interview because of a problem in the aircraft and because of loss of baggage . The Champion of F1 and WRC driver Kimi Raikkonen had to wait 2 hours for the interview to begin and organized his already tight schedule again.

– No problem, things happen – Kimi comforted and found that because of these roadblocks often used to rent a private plane .

– I usually do my travels in Europe with the car. Last night I rented this Ford from Austria where I was shooting a TV and I drove 500 kilometers home. tomorrow I will leave
for a journey of 400 km with my co-driver Kaj and with my friends in Genoa, where I will try to drive on asphalt for the first time – Kimi said while he was showing the beautiful scenery of his home.

Abroad throughout his adulthood Kimi , who celebrated his 30th birthday last fall, moved away from Finland already before the age of 18.

He first lived in the Netherlands, followed by 1 year and a half in England. However, it has been part of the ‘ army in his native country , where he still Aparments couple.

Lived permanently in Switzerland for over ten years and he’s not going to get away . In Finland , visiting a couple of times a year to say goodbye to his friends and
of the family.

-It ‘s nice to visit Finland , but there is enough to do to get me to stay and live there – the speed – rogue noticed.

Here you do not hear karaoke !

Kimi Raikkonen, my return to Ferrari

Kimi Raikkonen, my return to Ferrari


Kimi lives 30 km from Zurich, in the village of Baar , where he moved with his wife Jenni Wollerau from a year ago .

– We tried for about 5 years for a property where you can build our house . Then we found Villa Butterfly , who was ready to move there and had a name too pompous .

The elegant , beautifully furnished home is situated on a slope in a small town , where is beautiful view of Lake Zug and the Alps behind. The scenery from the living room is like a work of art, no matter what the weather .

– Although there is a short distance the club in Zurich , I do not visit them often . I like to scour the cafes and bars of the smallest town in Switzerland. I have found some karaoke places here – Kimi smirked .


Many people imagine Switzerland as a haven of clean people happy and rich. Kimi says , however, that the country has many problems including political lives .
– You can own your own home , but the property where the house is almost always belongs to the government!

The exchange suidice confuses Kimi

– In Zurich there is also a bad drug problem. I was also surprised to read some time ago that the Swiss people will commit suicide almost as much as the Finns , – Kimi churches.

In the garage Kimi’s attention is fixed at two beauties , which are next to each other as to not abbandarsi . Iceman Iceman I and II motorcycles

Kimi Raikkonen, my return to Ferrari

Kimi Raikkonen, my return to Ferrari


customized by the German Walz Hardcore Cycles , that Kimi has a few years and has been leading them a couple of times for the races in Middle – Europe. The bikes are
also the attraction of Helsinki American Car Show.
– I have not used the bike recently since it is boring to drive yourself , no matter how interesting Siann the streets , confessed Kimi .

Even if Kimi did not correct the guidance -based company, which does not suffer from loneliness. The doors of Villa Butterfly are open for friends , who gladly accompany him on the journey of different locations racing .

Kimi also gives you the keys to his friends, who want to have a holiday for example in his villa in Phuket.
– I have been there once. I should probably travel to Thailand , but there is still very hot and makes me rather uncomfortable at the moment!

Kimi and Jenni hannp also three dogs as their company, a German shepherd, Ajax , 2 Jack Russel terrier Peppi and Reiska , who travel easily between the houses in the two
countries .


Kimi ‘s first rally of the season was very ascendant and will remain in the history of the sport, given that Raikkonen is only the second F1 driver in the world who also
reached points in the WRC . He says that he enjoys in Red Bull for its relaxed atmosphere and professional team .

I do not follow F1 actively

Kimi listen to his accomplishments as opposed to meeting people who know the rally in the world , who say that Raikkonen is an exceptional talent behind each wheel .



Kimi did not follow F1 races actively , like many other two Finns, since the Iceman was released out of the circus .
– Even though I was in Monaco during the race, I just gave a look at the events from the TV. I did not go to the paddock even once.

Obviously Kimi has his own preferences in F1.
– I would like the Red Bull win and it would be nice if Sebastien Vettel became world champion , Kimi hopes for his friend who was fifth after the Canadian Grand Prix .

Spinal disc herniation an annoyance for Kimi

The start of the racing season Kimi was rather painful , as an old herniated spinal disc began to ache .
– There are cracks like a thin capillary on my vertebra . They were born by my several incidents during the ten years of F1.

Kimi fortunately has entered a new type of laser therapy in Strasbourg, France, and has not been operated , but the ‘ accumulation of fluid in the back that had been sucked out with a needle that did ease the pressure on the nerves .
– I’ll have to make a 2-hour operation again and then I’ll have to do a couple of weeks off .

I miss my family!

Kimi keeps his muscle strength on a daily basis . There is a well-equipped gym at his home in Switzerland. He also likes to drive different types of water vehicles .

Many people know that Kimi would not have chosen motorsport as his work, but he would have wanted to become a hardcore hockey player .

Ice hockey is a sport very dear to Kimi and has many friends who are champions of the NHL.

There is a room of ice hockey in the neighborhood where Kimi wanted to show the reporter with great pride the team of his home region, the EV Zug ice rink , which aperirà to the public in August . The assistant coach is Waltter Immonen and many other Finns were seen on the ice.

– Soon I’ll be able to play ice hockey here with my old friends!

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