World Peace, Metta

5 minutes with: Metta World Peace: My name could have been Metta VALiens

On how the Lakers plan to bounce back from the Game 1 blowout loss:

“It’s the same thing like a man has five wives. He’s been divorced once and he got married again. You’ve got to move on. He didn’t want to get divorced. She didn’t want to get divorced. But, hey, she said, ‘Okay, honey, I want half.’ She said that. You know she said that.”

On what the @$#% he was talking about in his previous answer:

“It’s a metaphor. [Ed. note: Not really.] The name of my podcast is Mettaphorically Speaking. [Ed. note: Ah! Nevermind. We see what you did there.]

On how the Lakers plan to bounce back from the Game 1 blowout loss (Part 2):

“She got married again, he got married again. Moved on and it’s a new life. That’s how the game is. It is a fun game. At the same time, still a lot of passion involved. She will love her husband. We will love the game, too. Have fun, play with passion, and it’s a whole new day.”

On how the Lakers can defend the Thunder better in Game 2:

“I can’t tell you. I will not tell you. I will tell you. You want me to tell you? You’ve got good mind control. You got in my head.”

On what’s going on inside of his head:

“A circus. With lots and lots of clowns. And elephants. And tigers. And a couple of those ladies on trapezes. I’m going to marry those ladies and then divorce them before we play Game 3. I’m not going to marry a clown, though. They’re too crazy and they want more than half! Well, actually, maybe I’ll marry a clown. Maybe Bozo’s daughter. Do you guys know if she’s single?”

Okay, okay. So, we made that last one up. But, if we hadn’t told you that we did, would you have questioned it? You’re the best, Metta. Don’t ever change.

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