Rich, Lucky Diamond

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Lucky Diamond Rich

Lucky Diamond Rich

Q :Can you tell me where your name comes from?
LDR:My name Lucky Diamond Rich comes from many different situations. I changed my name when i was 18 years old to Richy Rich, because i was a street entertainer and i wanted to have a catchy show name, and that’s kind of what you did, you came up with a really good entertainer’s name and Richy Rich was the poor little rich boy from the “richy rich” cartoon character. When i was performing i was very much like a little boy because you know i was young and that’s what i was like. Then when I was 25 I was in a drum and bass band signed to Warner music in Australia, there were quite a few richy riches already in the music industry so had to come up with a new first name. Loads of people always said I was lucky, so i thought Lucky Rich would be a good change. So thats what I changed it to plus I believe that if you call yourself something and believe in something enough so that if i truly am lucky i will become lucky wich i guess i really have! Then 2 years later a friend of mine called me a rough diamond so I thought I’d give myself a middle name and that’s how I came up with Lucky Diamond Rich. So the short answer is I’m lucky because im fortunate, I’m a rough diamond so obviously rough on the outside and very valuable on the inside and I’m rich in spirit because of the wealth of energy people have given to me throughout my creative life and that sort of gets channeled into my creativity.
Q: Were you a “regular kid”? I know you started to work as a street performer when you were 12 so can you tell me a little bit about that?
LDR: I come from a very dysfonctional family, my upbrigning wasn’t a normal scenario, I was a bit of a rat bag you know.. A good example of that would be that even though I was very likeable I was also very naughty, I was charming and had charisma but I was a very naughty boy! I used to break into cars and factories, burn and tear things apart you know, I guess I was just a normal little boy in some sense but I was fortunate to have certain adults come into my life at certain periods of time who were able to help me and guide me in the right direction and thats how I came across performance, art and creativity and found a better way to channel my energy as a younf boy. It actually became my chosen life path and I believe I etched my mark in the creative world.

Q: When do you think you crossed the line, what I mean by that is what was the turning point from being moderately modified to be totally covered up now? What was the trigger?
LDR: The thing is Lukas i don’t think there ever was a line and that was the whole gist of the journey for me, I never really thought twice about what I was doing therefore it was just another stepping stone, another step in the direction where I was going with my transformation. You know I’d be arrogant and I’d be lying if I said I actually had a plan because I dont think I did…Looking at the facts involved like meeting Xed le Head and meeting you, with my transformation it hasn’t been just me you know, there’s been a lot of people that have been in that journey with me so really its been about a celebration of the moments, of my travels throughout life.

Q; I find the tattoo that represents you best (for me) is the one on your neck; karma, can you tell me a bit about it?
LDR: That tattoo on my neck is one of the funniest stories because the first word that I had tattooed there was “menace” because at the time that’s how I felt, like I was a menace wich is not exactly a positive thing, then Xed and I wanted to put another word there cuz the tattoo had mostly dissapeared, it had kinda sunk into the black because at the time we were experimenting with an ink called super black, so menace and the fact that I advertised that just dissapeared into the ink well that is my body…Then karma came next because you know I’m a big believer in karma, I beleive that the whole reason I am the person I am today, externally and internally, is because of the energy I put out into the world wether it be negative or positive, so karma is something I believe in and I try to follow that as a rule, if I do something bad something bad is going to happen to me and if I do good then obviously good will come and I do more good than bad wich is good… karma!!

Q: With your tattooing layer of ink upon layer of ink do you try to show so many things and don’t have enough body space or do you try and hide something from one layer to another?
LDR: I dont think it’s anything to do with hiding cuz I’ve been through a letting go process when it comes to tattoos that are covered but i really love collecting and collecting tattoos for me from people I connect with is a very important part of my life and I haven t really wanted to let go of that so me and a handfull of others worked out a way to make it possible to keep collecting and my body is obviously an example of that.

Q: The world is not a big fan of the nomadic lifestyle, you know now we have strict borders and now we are starting to see problems for people or nomads working while travelling and making their money like that, can you tell me your thoughts on that, what do you think of the idea that we are maybe something like prisoners of something because the world loves to put everything into categories and boxes but people like you and me, we are everywhere and nowhere
LDR: Well look it saddens me to think that the world in my life time is getting to a point where it’s very difficult to have that kind of life where you can live outside of the rules, being in a sense an outlaw. I’ve always used the system to my advantage to be able to perpetuate the lifestyle that I’ve chosen and if that’s getting harder to do than that means I have to get smarter to continue… so if that’s the case then so be it but the one thing society can’t do, i mean the people that run and make regulations and legislate the countries on this planet, even if they make things harder for us they really can’t take away the freedom that exists within the people that choose to make whatever decisions they want to make about their life..although it’s very difficult it’s worth fighting for, I’m not saying we have to get physical and cause harm but it’s worth becoming difficult, you know what they’re saying, nothing comes easy.

Q: When was the last time you paid taxes? laughs
LDR: Well I never paid tax in my life until now because I’m now working in a tattoo shop wich pays tax..fortunately they pay it and it just comes out of my income but you know if you want to be part of the system and part of the game that’s what you have to do.

Q: What does survival mean to you?
LDR: Survival means just not giving up, means trying to do your best with what you’ve got and that’s always what I’ve always done and sometimes that hasn’t been good enough for some people and I’ve learnt as I’ve gotten older that what other people think of me and what I do is none of my business and what really counts is what I think of me and I really love myself today and really love my life.. it’s so colorfull and magical, the best thing that I could do is write a book actually, I feel like my life story is so unique and people could possibly get something out of it just like I did when I read books about incredibly interesting people, put it this way I won’t be reading Kat Von D’s autobiography

Q: who the hell is Kat Von D?!?

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— all credits to and of course to Lucky Diamond Rich —

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