Lopez, Chacho

Chacho Lopez

Chacho Lopez

They have written and will write many things about the contact between Chicho Perez and Felipe Massa, but good for us to refer to things truthful and verifiable.

Here are some considerations that have to do with the time of each driver at the end of the race in Canada, as we all noted, sanctions aside, was the best of the year so far.

Although the curve of the incident is left and Felipe Massa follows a correct path cut on the middle of the curve, the movement is seen in the Chico line has the same goal, with the disadvantage of not being able to stop depth. We’re talking about the definition of a great career, then then impossible Perez or ask any pilot remain static before the attack.

Chacho Lopez

Chacho Lopez

Felipe Massa comes very fast, because that races are treated, and you can not ask do not try to rebase at that moment and while volante shows that up to the Chicho car, not worth the weight of the blame for that movement occurs in your braking point, right where the brake application usually decompose the path of cars.

Apply a penalty should be a matter of almost automatic criteria, but the jurisdiction of the F1 this far from reality because of the constant change-official drivers completely separates the consequences of similar maneuvers away.

What happens now is that the only uniformed criterion is to decide on the research will be susceptible maneuvers and resolution is what is at the discretion.

Chacho Lopez

Chacho Lopez

From the perspective of a pilot commissioner, a pilot can close the door on a slow track drastically as Monaco without leaving the accused, but on the opposite side at high speed as in Canada, the flick is called.

Original interview: http://www.foxsportsla.com/columnistas/view/158169-el-gp-de-canada-en-4-apuntes-por-luis-manuel-lopez (translated in English with a online translator machine)

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