Levidjov, Zdravko

FOOTIE NUT: Is Mr Manchester United the biggest fan in the world? [THE SUN/NEWS SYNDICATION]

Zdravko Levidjov, 50, spent six years and 15 court hearings in his native country of Bulgaria fighting to be allowed to change his name.When finally he was granted permission police still refused to put United as his surname on his national ID card.

So in protest, Mr United did what any true footie fan would do and got the club’s logo tattooed slap bang in the middle of his forehead.

Mr United – who speaks no English – said through a translator: “Now whenever someone asks my name, I point to my forehead and smile!

“The tattoo’s my ID card. People don’t look at me in a funny way, they look in admiration.

“It makes me stand out and proves my loyalty to United.”

SUPERFAN: The Bulgarian has legally changes his name to Manchester [THE SUN/NEWS SYNDICATION]

“I did think of having it on my arm, but that wouldn’t have the same impact”

Mr United

He added: “I did think of having it on my arm, but that wouldn’t have the same impact.”

The former builder lives with his mum and cat, named David Beckham, in a flat filled to bursting with posters, flags, scarves and every piece of memorabilia ever made for the team.

He said he first fell for the charms of the Red Devils when in 1999 they won 2-1 against Bayern Munich in the Champions League.

He said: ““My favourite player is Beckham. In the side now, it’s van Persie.

“I should say Dimitar Berbatov, as a countryman, but he wasn’t in their class.”

The bachelor has been to Old Trafford once in 2009 after saving up for three years.

— original source: http://www.dailystar.co.uk

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