Coronel, Tom

5 minutes with: Tom Coronel: I drive as fast as The VALiens

Tom Coronel: I drive

Tom Coronel: I drive

“I do not care about cars, cars fascinate me ‘ “Right. People always think I am car fanatic, but that’s not true. I own a BMW 320D, a diesel engine, and that’s it. Many people think I’m in thick exotic cars drive, but that’s not true. My partner has a BMW X6, every pimp would be envious. I think it’s a really nice car, I drove it and love it. I’m just not someone who says’ I need a car to drive. In my case, people find that strange. Look, I have to do with race cars, but that is quite different. But when people ask me ‘how-inch tires are below’ I must be honest, because I do not know. The lap and that he has a bit of understeer in that corner and I know however. I have some with certain brands, like BMW and SEAT. I race for BMW, it’s rear wheel and the balance and quality right. I also have six years for SEAT and had ridden a two-liter TDI tje, is the best. And if you ask me what the best car out there, I answer ‘Aston Martin Vanquish’: horny, class, nice sound, rear wheel driven horsepower. But yes, such a car is priceless. Then I thought: dreaming is better than reality. ” Are there cars you would like to drive if you get a chance? (Tom shakes hard no). “Like I said, I have nothing to do with cars. It must be from A to B and I hate to refuel. I also think turbodiesels delicious, because it accelerates nicely, and it should preferably rear wheel drive, so I can send back a bit with the throttle. And for the rest, guys … let me know. “



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