Cutler, Jay

5 minutes with: Jay Cutler: no Mr. Olympia for me this year, I got distracted from ”Christmas with The VAliens” rumors


Jay Cutler’s interview for lithuanian newspaper

Q: You were born in a large family, worked in a farm and so on. Why did you choose bodybuilding?
A: It is almost as though bodybuilding chose me. I worked in my family concrete foundation business since my early teenage years. This is where I was taught to work
hard and be dedicated. I built a great upper body from the concrete work. When I was 18 years old, I joined the gym and built upon my physique. I was encourage to
compete..and so the story goes!

Q: How would you describe Jay Cutler leaving words bodybuilding and Mr.Olympia aside?
A: Dedicated, hardworking, loyal, driven-goal oriented

Q: Can you remember Your first steps in bodybuilding. How did you get the information about this sport? What were Your first goals?
A: I learned about bodybuilding through reading. I read anything and everything that I could get my hands on. Bob Parisʼ book “Beyond Built” was the first book that inspired
me. I tried to get as much information and knowledge as I could. That is why I wrote a book “CEO Muscle” and carry other books on my website Jay Cutler. My first
goal was to pack on some lower body size and jump into my first show.

Q: How does it feel to stand next to the greatest athletes in now days and to know that You are the best?
A: Bodybuilding is a very independent sport, so for that reason, we dont rely on other teammates, like team sports do. I have been competing against most of the competitors for well over 10 years now, so we are all acquaintances, yet we are still competitors. I do have a few close friends that are competitors. It is a true honor to
stand next to the great line up of competitors at the Olympia every year. Every year is a challenge.

Q: Who encourages you to exercise?
A: What drives me to excercise is my drive and goal to beat my condition and shape from the former year. I train by myself a lot. I am very self motivated and am my toughest

Q: Funny question about girls. I guess, You receive a lot of attention? Do You like it?
A: I receive just as much, if not more attention from males than I do females. Females are sometimes afraid of me. If it was not for the fans, this sport would not exist, so I take every opportunity to takes photos and sign pictures with my fans.

Q: You have perfect body. What do You think about people, who do not pay attention to their appearance?
A: I would not say that I have the perfect body. I am always striving to make changes and better myself, because there is always room to improve. It is not for me to judge others
and what they feel is the perfect body. Every person has different goals, aspirations, and feelings on what they feel is perfect for them.

Q: You have been Mr.Olympia for four times. What does this mean to you and what keeps you going?
A: Being Mr. Olympia 4x is such an honor and such a reward for all the sweat and tears earned in the gym. The drive to win my 5th sandow and to beat my overall shape and
conditioning from the previous year keeps me going!!

Q: Lithuanian-born Robertas Burneika also preparing for Mr.Olympia contest.. Have you ever heard anything about him? By the way, He calls You his „idol“.
A: I have had the great pleasure of knowing Robertas Burneika. He is a great person and a definite contender in the Olympia. He certainly represents his country well!!

Q: How difficult preparation for such a competition?
A: Preparation for a show takes 16- 12 weeks. It is difficult because that is all that matters for those months. Everything else is put on hold…no vacations, no junk food, no
traveling… it is eat, sleep, and train. Over the years, I have been able to get into a good rhythm with my diet season. It is difficult, but the payoff for all the hardwork is
worth it!

Q: Do you have any hobbies?
A: I am very busy in the off season with traveling. My hobbies when I am home, mainly revolve around spending time with my wife and dogs.

Q: There’s a lot of talk about necessity/importance of supplements. What’s the must for male and female who’s exercising to be fit and for general health?
A: As far as supplements… food is the best supplement there is. I feel that it is ok to substitute protein powders for one or two meals, but real food is build solid
muscle…six meals per day.

Q: More interesting, was it difficult to recover after defeat in Mr.Olympia 2008 to Dexter Jackson?
A: My defeat in 2008, only made me hungrier to better myself and gave me more drive to succeed and make gains. It probably happened for the best.

Q: Mr. Schwarznegger became popular Hollywood star, also politician. Maybe you have similar plans in the future?
A:I would love to follow Arnoldʼs footsteps in the the film industry, if the opportunity presented itself.

Q: In conclusion, tell me few words about Your daily routine?
A: Daily routine:
awaken: cardio before breakfast for 40 minutes on stairs eat 4 meals, then train, eat two more meals, then another cardio sesssion..then bed
( you can look at my blueprints for Olympia on Jay Cutlerfor more info)

– pictures from Facebook Jay Page –

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