Gunthel, Julia

Zlata the rubber girl
Zlata the rubber girl

Julia Gunthel, a.k.a. Zlata.

From fitting snugly into a red phone box to distracting guards outside the Horse Guards Parade its little wonder this contortionist proved to be a distraction.Zlata was just passing from London.

Question:  Do you have a favourite contortion position?
Zlata:  My favourite is the knot or
pretzel position.

Question: Is it difficult or painful for you in this position?
Zlata: No it is quite easy. I can stay like that for hours.

Julia Gunthel, a.k.a. Zlata.
Zlata the rubber girl
Zlata the rubber girl
Zlata the rubber girl

Question:  What is your favourite meal?
Zlata: Manti (Uzbecki speciality)

Question:  Colour?
Zlata:  Gold-yellow

Question: Song?
Zlata: You`ll see (Madonna)

Question: Film?
Zlata: Leon the professional by Luc Besson

Question: What do you most like doing when youre not sitting on your own head?
Zlata: I love to go shopping.

Question:  How many hours do you train each week?
Zlata: Very little. I only have to train my muscles so that they will not get strained during a show.
Question: Do you work out?
Zlata: Yes. I go to the fitness studio as often as time permits.

Question:  Have you picked up any injuries in your endeavours to become the most flexible woman in the world?
Zlata: No not yet fortunately.

Question: How and when did you find out that you were so flexible?
Zlata: My talent was recognised in

Question: Do you think you could still become more flexible if you trained more hours each week?
Zlata: Is it possible to be more flexible?!

Question: Who decides what you do and wear in your photo shoots?
Zlata: Some ideas come from the
photographer that I work with in each case.
Some ideas come from members of my site.
And I come up with many ideas myself
and then turn them into reality.

Question: Will you be doing any more shooting with Flexshow girls?
Zlata: Of course if I am in Moscow and have
the time.

Zlata the rubber girl

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