Fraser, Hannah

5 minutes with: Hannah Fraser the real life mermaid, still looking for the greatest undersea resort..

Since the « Welcome to the magic world » project launch, a question remains : who is hiding behind the mask of “Mary Jane”, the mermaid next to Captain Samouraï Flower? Her real name is Hannah Fraser, and this Australian model has made her childhood dream come true, becoming a professional underwater ‘mermaid model’.

How were you contacted by Pascal Obispo?

Pascal’s video director’s saw my work online and contacted me to ask if I would be interested in starring in some of Pascal’s new music videos

Did you know his work before meeting him?

I had not been aware of Pascal’s work, as we dont get much European pop music imported into Australia.

You took part in the pop video «Si je manquais de ta peau », from the Captain Samouraï Flower’s album. How was the recording of the pop video?

We shot all the underwater footage in Australia, and melded it with other footage shot in France, so it was a real international effort! We had to set up an underwater window where I could reach out to Pascal as if he were inside the submarine ship.

Hannah Fraser the real life mermaid

Hannah Fraser the real life mermaid

The aim of Captain Samouraï Flower is to make new generations aware of our environment. I assume this is also your aim? What are your views on the problems of the environment and saving our planet?

I have been working hard for years to bring attention to the issues facing our world and society. I have campaigned for saving forests, stopping cruelty to animals, stopping ocean pollution, and ending slaughter of cetaceans (Whales and Dolphins).

Hannah travels to the most exotic places in the world to be filmed and photographed as a mermaid. She has appeared in films, advertising campaigns, tv, Large scale events and parties, aquariums and fashion shoots. She has campaigned for many years for saving the aquatic environment.

— article and pics from and from Hannah FB page profile

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