Quattro Stagioni!

Posted: January 12, 2016 in Music
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Get now your Quattro Stagioni!

Quattro stagioni

Just released The VALiens greatest album!

What are you waiting for?

Get your Quattro Stagioni!

Quattro Stagioni
..the best you could ever have wished for…
A remarkable selection of The VALiens top tracks and
a new specially released ”The Man From Atlantis”
in this new, fantastic album.
Quattro stagioni
Here you are with the greatest selection of tracks, ever.
1 . Not ‘Nduja On My Vanilla Gelato
2 . Presents Opening Part II (Some Disappointments)
3 . Goosebumps And Fifi’s Fur
4 . Broken Heart And Damaged Liver
5 . Space Pie 
6 . Too Much Cheese In My Macaroni 
7 . Sniffing Panettone Sugar 
8 . Chap With No Pals 
9 . The Remarkable Smell Of Cubania 
10  . Ribless Summer 
11. Lonesome Autumn 
12 . Christmas Bells Are Ringing (I Think It’s Your Phone You Idiot) 
13 . The Man From Atlantis (Unreleased Bonus Track)

Can you believe it?

Let The VALiens know what you think about!

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