Quattro Stagioni

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Quattro stagioni

Just released and already a dream!

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Quattro Stagioni
..the best you could ever have wished for…
A remarkable selection of The VALiens top tracks and
a new specially released ”The Man From Atlantis”
in this new, fantastic album.
Quattro stagioni
Here you are with the greatest selection of tracks, ever.
1 . Not ‘Nduja On My Vanilla Gelato
2 . Presents Opening Part II (Some Disappointments)
3 . Goosebumps And Fifi’s Fur
4 . Broken Heart And Damaged Liver
5 . Space Pie 
6 . Too Much Cheese In My Macaroni 
7 . Sniffing Panettone Sugar 
8 . Chap With No Pals 
9 . The Remarkable Smell Of Cubania 
10  . Ribless Summer 
11. Lonesome Autumn 
12 . Christmas Bells Are Ringing (I Think It’s Your Phone You Idiot) 
13 . The Man From Atlantis (Unreleased Bonus Track)

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Get to know your new favorite band!

christmas-with-the-valiens swing-in-spring ribless-summer-3 Lonesome Autumn

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