You can never hold back Christmas; how an album can change your life

Posted: May 10, 2013 in Announcements
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Everyday it’s Christmas day when you own this unbelievable album!

Own your fantastic copy in this very moment, click here and buy it right now, don’t wait until tomorrow! What if there is no tomorrow! The album includes the top selling single “Sniffing Panettone Sugar”!

What?? You have no money to buy the album??? No problem, just buy the single, the song you cannot live without, people will laugh at you if this tune is not in your ipod/iphone!

Click here to buy “Sniffing Panettone Sugar” in this very moment!

  1. Jason Popovich says:

    Brilliant guys, love this album, really helped me through tough times, also it’s very motivating for listening before going to work, maybe you guys don’t care much about your work but i do, I am a CEO and my salary is everything but a joke! My bank account is pretty loaded too and my car it’s definitely not cheap! Greetings from JP

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