The 2010 season was one of the most exciting in the history of Formula 1. Five riders were in contention for the title and Sebastian Vettel led the league only once: just in the last race of the year.

Nevertheless, the numbers do not show the power of Red Bull this season. Owner’s fastest car, designed by Adrian Newey, the team could have had an easier life would not be the internal errors.

Meanwhile, Fernando Alonso sought to extract the maximum possible from the mistakes of opponents. His first season at Ferrari, the Spaniard thrashed teammate on the track and came to tricampeonato as favorite in the last race. But he lost the title in the wrong strategy.

In 2010, the champion was involved in yet another controversy: the German GP, Ferrari ordered Felipe Massa ceded first place to Alonso, rated best in the league.

In the end, even the team game was enough. Unbeatable in the final of the championship, Sebastian Vettel became the youngest champion in Formula 1 so far.

Drivers Championship Standing

  1. Sebastian Vettel 256
  2. Fernando Alonso 252
  3. Mark Webber 242
  4. Lewis Hamilton 240
  5. Jenson Button 214
  6. Felipe Massa 144
  7. Nico Rosberg 142
  8. Robert Kubica 136
  9. Michael Schumacher 72
  10. Adrian Sutil 47

Constructor Championship Standing

  1. Red Bull – Renault 498
  2. McLaren Mercedes 454
  3. Ferrari F1 396
  4. Mercedes GP 214
  5. Renault F1 163
  6. Williams F1 69
  7. Force India – Mercedes 68
  8. BMW Sauber F1 44
  9. Scuderia Toro Rosso – Ferrari 13

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